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Skye Summers

Skye’s early days were spent as a traditional housewife in the UK. With the hopes of building a new life, she emigrated to Australia with her husband and two children at 27 years old, only for her marriage to collapse before the end of the year.


The aftermath of abruptly having life plans and identity scattered to the wind, resulted in Skye struggling with severe depression and needing multiple hospitalisations.


There she discovered many shared experiences with other patients when trying to reach out for support from family and friends. Getting a first-hand insight into the importance of feeling listened to when trying to solve problems as she heard other people’s stories.


Skye went to university to study psychology not only as a means of combating her depression but also to learn how to support others who were struggling.


Skye was a diligent mature-aged student and read and studied the copious amounts of materials assigned, only to find with great frustration…they were primarily riddled with gobbledegook terminology that made the texts inaccessible to most people.


In an effort to remedy this problem, Skye developed a manual condensing the essence of what she read and studied, into a simple guide that concentrated on basic universal communication techniques that anyone can learn to be more effective when helping others – from friends, to family members, even strangers.

Skye Summers
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Helping Skills

Have you ever tried to help but you didn’t know how? This book gives you a step-by-step guide on how to listen, understand and guide people into solving their problems. A must for counsellors! This textbook of interpersonal and problem-solving skills should be a prerequisite for anyone entering th...

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