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Quixote Syzygy

Quixote Syzygy is a mysterious and exceptional person, not least because he is 167 years old and still looks quite young. Some say he is an Ancient Egyptian Sculpture which has come to life, which would make him considerably older. As well as writing this story, he is also an artist. His painting of an Ancient Greek female tree-spirit, called a Dryad, is on the front cover of this book. There is a rumour that he knows The Secret of the Universe, but it is only a rumour, and, like this story he has written, not to be taken too seriously.

Quixote Syzygy
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Love Deuce Metamorphoses

In this riveting and imaginative tale, Quixote Syzygy spins a modern myth that takes the reader from the heat of Wimbledon’s tennis courts to the fate of humanity itself.When an epic mixed doubles match between two British pairs – Daphne Laurel and ‘Fool’ Hardy, and Iphis Tangle and Tiresias...

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