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The Weirdo Tarot

weirdo tarot was not always weirdo tarot. they were just an egg in a box. as a littlie, they would daydream their way through school, wondering deeply. their earliest acknowledgement came at the age of about seven, from a primary school teacher who claimed this littlie egg was an exceptional story teller. this didn’t come as a surprise to mother egg. littlie egg regularly told stories to get them out of mischief. as they grew, no longer a littlie but now a grown-up egg, the days grew longer and longer in the box. they forgot about the excitement of being a littlie egg. they forgot about the power of asking question after question that popped into their littlie egg mind and, instead, pretended thy knew all the answers. they forgot about their imagination, leaving it behind for the sake of fitting in with all the other eggs in the box. until one day grown-up egg felt unsatisfied and decided to jump right out of the box and ...


things got a little messy, as you can imagine. one thing was for sure, they were different, just like they were when they were a littlie. they began to embrace their weirdo tendencies, rediscovering the magic in telling stories and found something new inside their shell that they had forgotten was always there.

The Weirdo Tarot
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Weirdo Tales for the Littlie Mind

dear reader,i must warn you that the following may entice you to a collection of stories that could leave you feeling curious and even a little odd. in these pages you will meet the part of me that is still a littlie, who often played alone finding solace in the sanctuary of imagination, yet struggl...

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