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Val -Nel

Val-Nel was born on the beautiful Island of Marie-Galante in the French West Indies. From an early age, she developed a love for poetry from the primary school of Morne Lolo with "Les Fables de la Fontaine". Her interest grew in taking part in Grand-Bourg primary school recital competitions. She first opened up to the theme of "Negritude" by reciting the poem of Guy Tirolien "Prière d'un petit enfant nègre- Seigneur je suis très fatigue" in addition to the tales in Créole (French West Indies pigeon). She started studying more in depth the art of writing, exploring the various styles, and eventually poetry rhythms at her high school (Collège Rabot Sajet in Marie Galante). The former classic writers Racine and Molière were on the tip of her tongue. Hence, the exposure to contemporary works of emblematic philosophers broadened her discourse style. Paradoxically to the poem "La prière d'un petit enfant nègre", she valued education against the odds of life. She set herself to do something different. She soon embraced English as a third language, then went on to improve the four skills. Her first degree in Contemporary English and Spanish at Luton Campus University marked the starting point of venturing in creative writing in English, where her first piece of work was entitled "The Dance of Grace", followed by "Freedom". All the perspective imagery from her childhood made her realise that there is freedom in self-expression, which leads to self-fulfilment. While teaching English at various colleges and high schools in France, she strived to instil the love of English poetry to her pupils. Her writing competencies soared from academic to a master level. Today, combining theological/biblical knowledge with a vivid sensation, seasoned with a touch of humour, enable her writing to convey a realistic message to a mixed audience. This book is not replica of the Book of Solomon in the Bible, but rather a journal on the journey of a personal life forged with learning curves, transformed with the truth and fashioned by the thoughts of God Almighty. The daily living and walking is done with the intricacies of circumstances at the pace of the 21st century.

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