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Van born in 1950. Did three years national service and then worked at Western Province Sports Club in Cape Town South Africa. Beginning his travels in the late 80s. Travelling a number of countries in Asia and western Europe before settling in England and began his writing.

Author's Books
Fire in the Hole

Tattoo, fascinated by the hole being dug under his scrotum. Became worried. Fear grips him. He looks into the steel grey eyes of Kisten and could not read him. "What are you digging the hole for?" in a drawl Kisten spoke. "I asked you a question, mister. You refused to answer. You said that I cannot...

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Fool's Hollow

The kick of a ball. The swing of a bat. The toss of a coin, Skinny knew how it would fall because he controlled it, he cheated. He had this secret power which he kept close to his chest and with this most powerful weapon at hand, it came to him how to knock-off his nightmare without arousing suspici...

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The Chinese Stone

Howard Wu’s insatiable greed puts the secret mountain villages at risk, and it must be stopped. Amid the bustling crowds of downtown, Choi An thinks he’s safe. But as he navigates the throngs of people, a sudden stab to his heart takes him by surprise. Without a sound, he falls to the ground, th...

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