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Victoria Caputo

Victoria has been through a lot of hardship, which led to bouts of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-hatred, self-harm, and a suicide attempt. At 22, she became a published author of an auto biographical/self-help book, Trust Me: Through the Eyes of a Survivor, which talks about it all. Since her role as an author, she has also become a motivational speaker. Now 27, this is her first novel, also based on her life. She is passionate about mental health awareness and support, and she strives to make a difference, help others, and save lives through her experiences and her writing.

Author's Books
The Storyteller

Tori’s been through a lot in her life. Bullying, assault, the loss of a loved one, and a traumatic heartbreak have led to an internal battle of mental health issues. With no one to talk to but her journal, she’s turned to writing as an outlet for her thoughts and feelings. She’s always dreamed...

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