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Victoria Lynn Morley

Victoria Lynn Morley’s primary college degree is in psychology. Morley’s intention with her trilogy of books is to get into the psyche of her own blood relatives and point out the irony of how they were killing each other based on religion, sex, ethnicity, jealousy, money or orders, such as war. Furthermore, she spread the trilogy from the early 1800s to present day, thereby illustrating how history is repeating itself. The same use of excessive force over and over. She essentially is trying to achieve coexistence and tolerance of each other’s values. Achieving this without wars.

Author's Books
Jack the Ripper

I fired my second editor in 2016 after 10 years, and I asked: “Why are you changing my book and putting in voices he supposedly is hearing in his head like a schizophrenic?” Louise responded, “Well he would have to have been crazy to carve up those women in that way.” I resonated “If he wa...

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