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W. P. Ferguson

W P Ferguson has always been a bit of a joke and loves to tell stories. He is slightly dyslexic so has difficulty reading and writing. Rather than reading from a book, he makes up stories for his grandchildren, and one day, he decided to put pen to paper and write down one of those many stories. With the help of his wife checking his spelling etc., he was able to put a story into words. Hopefully, now lots of other children can enjoy this as well.

Author's Books
Little Daisy

Little Daisy wakes up to start a new day which turns out to be unlike any other day. That’s because it’s spring in the meadow. Come along and join Little Daisy on her big and exciting adventure, because the meadow looks good again....

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Lost Dreams

Step into a whimsical world with Kevin, a curious boy who finds himself in a fantastical realm far from home. Joined by Ben, an extraordinary talking dog, and Pete, a brave young adventurer, Kevin sets out on a quest to reach the enigmatic House of Dreams, the key to returning to their own worlds. A...

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The Reflectors

As Pete came around on the floor, he wondered how did a glass of water appear next to him, and who gave him his tablets? How did they know what tablets to give him? Was he being watched as he’d believed for a long time, and if so, where did they come and go from? Were they good or bad? He needed t...

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