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Seyed Masoud Seyed Agha Yazdi

Born in Iran, a land steeped in myth and legend, he began writing at the young age of eight, with a particular passion for crafting stories for children. Also a physician, he uniquely incorporates Carl Orff’s melodies during physical examinations to soothe young patients, transforming potentially stressful moments into calm and cooperative experiences. He holds a strong stance against any forms of dictatorship and modern slavery, whether in governmental systems, family dynamics, or individual thoughts and personalities. He is a firm believer in the potential to eradicate these societal ‘pests,’ starting with personal change and self-improvement.

Seyed Masoud Seyed Agha Yazdi
Author's Books
Droppy Druppy

Have you ever gazed at a tiny droplet so intently that you could see your own reflection in it? What happens to that water droplet after you’re done marvelling at it? Do you wipe it away, cover it with a book, or let it slowly evaporate and ascend into the sky? In Droppy Druppy, the author invites...

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