5 Tips for Reading More: Make Reading A Habit

5 Tips for Reading More: Make Reading A Habit

Are you tired of being inconsistent with your reading habits and looking for a way to get back on track? Become an avid reader with our best hacks that will make you fall in love with your reading journey. Reading is not a chore, but much more than that. According to research, it is evident that reading not only makes you mentally strong but also lowers your stress levels, makes you more competent, increases your decision-making ability and critical thinking, and makes you happy.

For all those who cherish reading and are looking forward to making it not just a habit but a lifestyle, here are our top tips that will make your reading journey unforgettable.

Read What You Enjoy:

No matter how motivated you are, you will eventually lose all your dedication once reading becomes a monotonous and uninteresting chore for you. To keep things interesting, start reading books that you enjoy. Each year, a diverse range of genres are published, and each genre is worth taking a shot at. But that does not mean you read each genre, even if it does not excite you. In the beginning, start with genres that excite you and boost your curiosity for reading more. Whether it be crime genre, romance, thriller, mystery, autobiography, health, or any other genre, read it if you like it. Remember, while starting a habit, never set too big goals. Make it easy and enjoyable for you.


Start With Short Stories or Illustrated Books:

If you pick up a book and then put it down just because it is too long to read or does not have any intriguing aspect about it, then get your hands on some captivating short stories, comics, books with illustrations, or even poetry books that can work as wonder if you love poetry. After a while, you will realize that after completing each story, you will gain confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. Once you get into the loop of reading, you can slowly shift to other books that don’t have any pictures or are too long to read.


Alternate Between Physical and AudioBooks:

When it comes to reading, the most common excuse we all have is that we don’t have enough time for reading or we can’t take physical books with us while travelling and we are so busy that it seems impossible to read. Well, congratulations! Now you will not be able to use this excuse as an escape because, in the past decades, audiobooks have changed the whole game. Whether you are going to your office, doing your daily chores, exercising, walking in a park, or doing any physical activity, commuting from one place to another, you can listen to an audiobook. And trust it, audiobooks will change your life. Not only does this help you be consistent in reading, but reading alternatively between physical and audiobooks will make it more interesting.

Binge-Read the Genre You Love:

If you can binge-eat the food you love, why can’t you binge-read the genre you love? Reading is a form of therapy. It’s your license to the world of imagination, critical thinking, and mindfulness. Don’t let anyone dictate it for you. Reading is a personal journey, so make this experience about you and what you want to read. If you love a specific genre more than others, go for it. Explore different books, authors, writing styles, and plots in your favorite genre and read them as much as you want. Another microtip for all readers is to create a reading list for yourself, and at the end of each book you read, tick that book in your TBR list because the feeling of accomplishment is the best in the world.


The 5-Minute Rule:

If you are a beginner reader or looking for a comeback in your reading era, don’t rush the process or set huge benchmarks. And not only reading; even if you are trying to build any habit, start with small steps. One of the best solutions is the 5-minute rule. If you tell yourself that you will read for a whole hour today, your brain will immediately reject the idea, but if you tell yourself that you will only read for five minutes, then your brain will accept the idea. Remember, your brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is not. Be consistent, even if you are reading five minutes a day. With time, increase the time slot from 5 to 10, 10 to 20, and so on, and after a while, you will see the difference.


Start Your Reading Journey with Us:

When we say reading is a lifestyle, it is. Reading is the cheapest but the most intellectual and calming habit. Start small, read what excites you, binge-read your favorite genre, read physical books as well as listen to audiobooks, and gradually improve your reading habit.

Here is a list of a few genres that can be explored for crafting your ideal TBR list. Start your reading journey today with our amusing and irresistible book collection in each genre and captivating new releases.


Top Genres:










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