Car Boot Diamond – Debra Goddard

Car Boot Diamond – Debra Goddard

At first glance, you may assume that this book Car Boot Diamond is about the unbelievable fortune of a woman who bought a valuable diamond for £10 at a car boot sale. However, this book is not what you’d expect. Seldom do I read a book with the power to move me as much as this story did.   

Debra describes her troubled childhood; growing up in an unstable home, exposure to domestic abuse, violence and extreme anger that lead to her being removed from the family home. Although seen as an intelligent student, with the potential to achieve good results, her behaviour leads to permanent exclusion from school. Subsequently, Debra spent time in juvenile detention centres and group homes, unable to control her rage and the urge to fight anyone who challenged her. She was labelled as difficult and violent, but underneath, she was a fragile, young girl desperate for acceptance and love. Her grandmother understood this and provided a haven for Debra, whenever the social workers authorised a home visit.

As an adult, Debra’s romantic relationships were fraught with violence and continued the cycle of domestic abuse that she hoped to shield her own children from. Debra’s bond with her mother was fractured for many years, although the one thing they enjoyed doing together was visiting car boot sales in search of a good bargain. She bought a tarnished, silver, trinket box filled with, what she thought was, worthless costume jewellery that she let her children play with. For 32 years her discovery lay dormant and through several house moves, much of that Jewellery was lost, except a few pieces including a ring with a large, clear stone. 

Debra’s story takes an even darker turn when she discovers fraud and theft happening within the family. Debra’s mother was destitute, she lost her life savings and her home. This unfortunate event dramatically improved their relationship as Debra vowed to look after her. Debra, a mum of three dealing with her own financial and emotional difficulties, sacrificed what little she had to uphold this promise. That was the catalyst for the extraordinary series of events that changed her life forever. Debra believes that the ring was meant for her, but it wasn’t until she found true love and acceptance with her mum that this unique and wonderful gift revealed itself to her.     

This is not a book about the diamond, it is about Debra’s life and the events leading up to the sale of the diamond. Debra is passionate about helping young people, who for various reasons find themselves in difficult situations. Her mission is to spread a message of hope and compassion to those who read it. Debra is donating a percentage of the sales to support End Youth Homelessness who help increase capacity services and sustainability in extremely challenging times.