Why You Should Make Reading a Part of Your New Year's Resolutions

Why You Should Make Reading a Part of Your New Year's Resolutions

As New Year is just about to start, many people are busy creating and planning their new year’s resolutions for the coming year. It is considered as the beginning of many new things and starting afresh. People add all sorts of things to their lists and plan what they like to achieve in the coming year.

One such thing many of us plan to make a habit of is regular reading. Inculcating the habit of reading in your life comes with a lot of amazing benefits for your mental, emotional, and social well-being. Thus, to help you out here, we have gathered 5 benefits of reading and why you should be instilling this new habit in your life. So, let’s enter the year 2022 with the goal to read more books. But before that, how about we familiarize ourselves with some amazing benefits of book reading.

1. Reading Makes You Smarter

Through years of research, it has been established that reading more books helps increase your intelligence and brainpower. People who read regularly have an improved cognitive ability than those who don’t read. It is also considered a healthy activity for the brain as reading sharpens the mind as well as your memory. Thus, stimulate your brainpower by reading more books in the coming year.

2. Reading has a Calming Effect

Another benefit of reading is that it relaxes the mind. Research suggests that when you read a book, it reduces the levels of stress and calms your brain. In the fast-paced world we live in now, we frequently encounter a lot of stressful situations. So, it is important to unwind from time to time and prioritize your mental health. As the holiday season can also become tiring, you can try unwinding and relaxing by reading a book and enjoying an evening to yourself.

3. Reading Helps You Become More Social

Reading — especially fiction — has been linked with more social connectivity and empathy towards other people’s feelings. Research suggests people who read more books have increased compassion towards other people and are better able to connect to them. As the holiday season has already started, we urge you to try making new friends through book clubs, social media book readers’ groups, and other literary pages.

4. New and Exciting Experiences

We already know how we can experience things and go through feelings by reading books from the comfort of our homes. Reading can take you to new worlds and make you feel things just as you may have experienced them in real life. Thus, during the times like the COVID-19, when people are forced to stay inside their homes and there is limited connection to the outside world, book reading helps many people cope with the fears and stresses of the global pandemic. Books are also considered a healthy form of escapism and also a positive way to entertain oneself. So, if you want to escape to another world or want to entertain yourself by reading about magic and fantasy, then try reading a book or two this holiday season.

5. Critical Thinking

Just as reading is believed to make a person smarter, it is also considered a way to increase the ability to think critically. By reading more books, your knowledge increases and you learn about new things. This helps with critical thinking and makes the readers more knowledgeable.


We hope our blog about the benefits of reading will have you convinced to try inculcating this habit in your life. Write it down in your new year goals’ list and challenge yourself to start reading more books in the coming year. As discussed above, reading is beneficial to our mental and emotional health in numerous ways. In the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in today; it has become more important than ever to slow down. So, what better way there is to do so than grabbing a book and cosying up in your blanket on a chilly winter evening?

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