World Book Night

World Book Night

What is World Book Night 

World Book Night was started by The Reading Agency and is celebrated on April 23rd worldwide. The night is preceded by originations and individuals donating books to different charities and centres in their community. World Book Night was inspired by World Book Day, which encourages children around the world to pick up a book and read. 

World Book Night is celebrated on April 23rd every year. It is the International Day of the Book designated by UNESCO, and possibly the day that William Shakespeare was born. Every year, UNESCO chooses a theme and a challenge that children and adults can participate in to commemorate World Book Night. 

This year, the theme is 'Read Your Way'. This theme means that children and adults can choose how they prefer reading and should not be restricted by any specific format or genre. Reading books has evolved over the years, and more and more book fans are choosing digital methods to consume literature. This year's theme stresses choosing any way that is the most comfortable for you to read and enjoy your books. This can be in the form of audiobooks or even e-books. The point is just to read, no matter how you do it. 


7 Ways to Celebrate World Book Night 

Looking for ways to celebrate World Book Night just got easier with these easy and fun suggestions. Gather your friends and family and share this list of great ideas to promote reading and join the world in celebrating during World Book Night. 


1. Join a Book Club 

If you are interested in joining a book club, World Book Day is a great time to do so. Any kind of book club that reads a genre that you are interested in can be the perfect way to motivate yourself to get more reading done and actually make time to read. Sometimes, collective reading can actually ensure that you read the book that the club is assigned rather than making excuses of having no time to read. 

2. Use Social Media to Promote Book Night 

Use your social media handles to promote World Book Night and encourage others to participate in Reading Hour. You can share your favourite books and authors and encourage family and friends to share theirs. Getting kids involved by having them share book covers of their favourite books is a great way to create buzz and excitement around World Book Night. 

3. Participate in Reading Hour 

The Reading hour is a particular hour during which people from around the world are encouraged to read between 7 and 8 p.m., so technically, anytime around the world during the 24 hours, Reading Hour is being celebrated. A reading hour may not necessarily mean that individuals read alone, as they can also read in a group setting or with their family members. Listening to audiobooks during this hour can also be participating in World Book Night. 

4. Dress Up as a Book Character 

Dress up as your favourite book character is a great way to participate in World Book Night. Inviting everyone for a World Book Night costume party and getting your family and friends involved in the event is a great way to host an event and honour reading and books. 

5. Donate Books 

Donating books to your local library or book centre is an excellent way to promote reading and encourage others to participate in World Book Night. Schools and child care centers are always in need of books, so by donating books to these centres, one can encourage children to read and share books with their friends.  

6. Share your Favourite Books 

Sharing your favourite books with family members and friends is a great way to promote World Book Night and reading. Creating a book list where you list 10 of your favourite books so that you can share them with everyone is a great way to encourage others to read. Having friends and family share their lists is another great way to promote the act of reading. 

7. Gift a Book 

Gifting books to those around you is another wonderful way to promote reading and celebrate World Book Night. Creating book baskets for friends and family members is an excellent way to show appreciation and encourage reading. Choose from some great reads from the Austin Macaulay site and a variety of genres and different kinds of books. 


Books for World Book Night 

1. The Eyes Are the Soul Mirror

2. Daydreamers

3. Complex Hell

4. Untold Story

5. The Aetherial Construct

6. Silk Road

7. Des Pond, Special Agent

8. Eight Miles High

9. Placid Pamela

10. Ms Jelly Belly


Celebrate Reading on World Book Night 


With this great selection of books and ways to celebrate World Book Night, you are ready for April 23rd. Visit the official site and social media handles to read more about how you can participate. And don't forget to purchase some exciting new reads from our site so you are fully equipped and ready for World Book Night. 

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