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By: Christine Moran-Wall

A Test of Strength

Pages: 238 Ratings: 5.0
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From surviving childhood trauma and confiding in her doll to cope with the abuse of her father, to giving birth to a child with spina bifida at age 19, this Australian woman’s life has been marked by strength and determination. She shares her inspiring story of triumph, including her pride at winning the title of Mrs NSW in a quest to raise funds for disabled children and her bravery in facing stage three breast cancer. But her strength is tested to its limits with the heartbreaking loss of two grown children, and she shares the spiritual signs that bring her comfort during her emotional journey of writing her life’s story. This is a brutally honest and uplifting autobiography of one woman’s determination to overcome the obstacles life throws her way.

Christine has a positive attitude and with her strength and determination, has helped her to succeed in her life. It is not in her nature to give up or give in. Her love of her children and friends, has given her a nurturing quality. She has a caring heart, though strong resilience to any wrongdoing. Her love of nature and her crafts has given her happiness and purpose.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • William Wall

    I finished reading your captivating book on Tuesday night. Wow, what a journey through life you have lead! It will take me a few more days to process everything Your remarkable talent shines through all the heartbreak and despair you have endured. Way too much for one person to have been dealt in this cruel world. The dedication and compassion you have for others and your fight to continue thriving is astounding. Having to relive each and every trauma in order to write your book is a mammoth accomplishment in itself Chris. I hope the cathartic effect of writing your book over the last 11years stays with you You are an inspiration especially to victim-survivors of child sexual abuse, to victims of family-domestic violence and to survivors of cancer, and those dealing with loss and grief. I can relate to many things you detailed in your book - You make me want to be a better version of myself My heartfelt thanks for courageously sharing your incredible life, I am immensely proud of you Chris and I know your girls would be too Sending you much Love, Hugs and Strength always.

  • michelle cooney

    wow, what a story, one of my friends recommended this book. From the moment I started reading it, I could not put it down. The things the beautiful lady has been through in her life is heartbreaking, I would love to meet this lady in the near future, to tell her how strong and beautiful she is. this book is very highly recommended :)

  • Norma Ruddle

    This book is very hard to put down once you start reading it. You just wonder what is going to happen next. Hard to believe this could happen to one person. Well worth a read.

  • Tricia Morgan-Hobbs

    A truly inspiring book of courage, determination, and strength. I highly recommend this book, especially for anyone who is struggling in life.
    I was amazed by her ability to carry on under the enormous challenges she had to face. A must-read book!

  • Kathleen Tilbrook

    I think this lady is amazing, what she had to suffer as a little girl & only to be able only to confide in her doll. I found it hard to put this book down, it was so sad but also amazing how she coped with all she had to go through, and amazed at how one person could keep going, she is such an inspiration, and my heart goes out to this amazing woman. I highly recommend this book.

  • Kerry Greenwood

    The strength and determination Chrissy has throughout her life is simply amazing. This is a must read for anyone who struggles with life as Chrissy shows you how her strength and determination to be happy can help you through anything. Chrissy's life brought me to tears. In fact I believe it has helped me grieve for my own mum who passed away 5 years ago. I know Chrissy and attend her mosaic classes. I knew she had struggles in life but not to this extent and I will be giving her a big hug when I see her next. Such a deserving lady.

  • Darren Mercieca

    Well written and constructed, it has a good balance of emotion with outstanding achievements amongst abuse from family giving the reader quite the emotional roller-coaster with an ending that ties it all together in a satisfying manner.
    I'll keep picking up an enjoyable and eye-opening book as I even found it motivational.
    Loved it!

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