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By: Elizabeth Paradiso Urassa

All You Need to Know Before Commencing Higher Education

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How do we ensure that people undertake higher education (HE) only when they have adequate information? Why are there higher numbers of people enrolling into HE studies than ever before? Why are there so many students dropping out of so many institutions? How do we balance learning in HE with our private life? What skills are acquired in HE? What are the challenges associated with learning in HE? These are among the questions the book will attempt to respond to.

Indeed, several people begin HE with little or no information about the structure, changes, and practices in HE. Some are not even aware of the skills they desire to acquire and that will be required of them in the job market. People commence HE blindly, partly due to external pressure and partly due to the availability of financial support through scholarships, among other things. This unawareness of what it takes to be a student and the current complexity of HE learning environment have become a stumbling block for many students.

This book is designed to provide HE stakeholders (parents, students, institutions, supervisors, teachers, governments, and donor agencies) with information on HE that is otherwise missing. It will help people to make better decisions on whether they need a degree in the first place, and if they do, what kind of skills they will require. The book consists of information that no institution, counsellor, academic supervisor, or scholarly literature will provide to you. (This is the main reason which motivated the author to write this book.)

The author has collected useful data from diverse sources and from people who are responsible for implementing the required practices in HE. Moreover, she was able to capture testimony from students who dropped out of higher education. Their experiences will educate and inform readers about situations that may lead to failure or success in higher education learning.

It is important to have the right information at the right time and from a reliable source such as this book, and the information in this book will surely benefit the readers to make better decisions before engaging in high-demand HE business, as well as supporting those who decide to join HE to be more conscious about what they need and what is expected of them. Similarly, by reading this book, some may find that they probably do not need the degree they are about to embark on. Information is power!

Elizabeth is a president of non-profit organisation “Information is Power,” a teacher, an advisor, an activist, and a writer of other bestselling books; The Cultural Qualities You Must Acquire to Succeed in Higher Education, The Principles That Facilitate Successful and Timely Degree Completion and Integrering Er Informasjon. Her books deliver diverse practical information that has helped people change their perceptions and practices in academic and non-academic contexts. She has also written other books, Articulating Research Students’ Expectations of a Competent Supervisor and The Skills Required of Research Students in Academic Supervision, which will be released soon. Elizabeth aims at supporting higher education stakeholders with information, as she believes reliable, relevant, and timely information is the power to support people. Besides, higher education student attrition is a challenging problem that requires collective supportive strategies such as those written in Elizabeth’s books. The books are vital for all higher education stakeholders, including students, supervisors, advisors, parents, donor agencies, governments, and policymakers.

Indeed, information is power for all, including you.

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