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By: Finbar Hanaghan

As I Rhymember It!

Pages: 166 Ratings: 5.0
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This little volume of poems and short stories is an absolute gem. It is the first time these writers have cooperated on a work published in the UK; they are already both published in Europe.

The mix of verse and stories makes it easy for the reader to pause and reflect, when required. The theme is “relationships” remembered and “Rhymembered” with plenty of poetic licence. Relationships in all their forms, noble, spiritual, sensual, and sexual. The wanting, the chasing, the capture, the high-octane climaxes, and all that follows. Sadly, sometimes abject failure and painful defeat.

All human emotion is here, raw, and unexpurgated. The twist is the way the authors decide to treat their subject. Doom and gloom play no part in this work. It’s light, wry, and lively throughout. As I Rhymember It! uses wit to smooth and sooth the many emotional extremes.

But this is no bedroom expose. The “action” takes place in a variety of settings as diverse as, a golf club AGM, a travelling Victorian circus big top, a suburban restaurant, and a European shopping Mall.

For an ever-changing backdrop, to the ever-changing world of human relationships, look no further than, As I Rhymember It! by Finbar Hanaghan, from the original ideas of Barry Thomas Harris.

Finbar Hanaghan is to Barry Thomas Harris what Mark Twain was to Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

The former, hopefully, long remembered when the real person is no longer here.

Harris has been writing for many years but only since he teamed up with Finbar has he felt able to place his work out into the public domain.

They hope that you will enjoy their combined efforts.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Barry Thomas Harris

    "As I Rhymember It!" by Finbar Hanaghan.

    It does and is exactly what it says on the tin!

    Finbar has done a masterful job in his choice of genre be it verse or storytelling and uses the original ideas, humorous or tragic with honesty, but he's added a poetic twist. The result is a little pocketbook of fun.
    Human interaction, loving or being ridiculed smoothed with observational rye humour, at every turn.

    I like the result very much and I hope that you do as well.

    Enjoy "As I Rhymember It!"

  • Dr Jon Philip Harris

    As I Remember It! By Finbar Hanaghan is an anthology of short stories and poems, both nostalgic and entertaining. A series of poems and stories based on the memories of Finbar. The poems in this book, are about change and transition, about memory and recalling. Once you become lost in the many changing panoramas you may well ask yourself … why are poets and writers engrossed with time? Do these short stories and poetry struggle against the passing of time or is it an act of enchantment of dreamlike memories? Finbar is at once a boy and … an old man. As the past re-emerges in Finbar’s memory, it paints still pictures or are they metaphors? As in our own minds, we sometimes recall a moment or detail that returns to us from the past.
    Humor is individual, but what is pungent in this book is that even those poems and stories involving a luckless end for the subject, when the poem or story turns on its head at the end with an absurdity so surprising it is still either pertinent or just plain entertaining. There is an abundance of those sneaked inside the banana skin of this anthology. There is clever repartee and outlandish absurdities from Finbar.
    Nevertheless, I think that you will, as I did, enjoy the ride. Good luck!

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