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Bad News Belinda -bookcover

By: Stewart Martin Johnson

Bad News Belinda

Pages: 35 Ratings: 2.5
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When Aunt Belinda comes to stay, the sun disappears and the sky turns grey. She never laughs and we cannot play,we have to hide our sweets away!Help us get Aunt Belinda out,So we can sing and dance and shout!

Stewart Martin Johnson is a freelance illustrator and craftsperson.

He lives and works in Finsbury Park.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Phil Clarkson

    Love the detail and vibrancy in the illustrations, which make you want to turn the page to see what's next!

  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    Bad News Belinda by Stewart Martin Johnson is an amazingly cute little children’s book of only about thirty pages or so. Each page only has an average of about one sentence which makes it a very easy read. For some reason, it brought back memories of Amelia Bedelia from my childhood, but that may just be because of the name.

    Aunt Belinda coming to stay for a visit is one of those visits that we all come to dread. In some way, most people can probably relate to having a relative that they are less than enthusiastic to see but hopefully they are not as bad as Belinda. When Belinda is around the children have to hide their candy and clean while Belinda either sits around or makes a mess of things.

    Belinda doesn't do fun things with the children like the other aunts do, instead, she makes things miserable for them. The other Aunts help the children plan to get rid of Belinda, but Belinda overhears them. After everyone tells Belinda what they really think of her she leaves on her own and the children have a party with the good aunts.

    What I liked best was how the artwork and the story worked very well together. For children’s books, I feel it is very important that the artwork and the story work together. This book is a wonderful example of that. When Belinda is around the coloring is darker, messy, and has a negative feeling, but it is bright, happy, and cheerful when she is gone. If I had to choose something that I didn’t like it would be how everyone told Belinda they did not like her. However, seeing as how Belinda being a problem was kind of the whole point of the book it's not really a negative.

    The target readers for this book are any children who like to be read to and young beginning readers. As an adult I also found this book to be fun and enjoyed reading it to my children. That being said I rate this book to be a perfect 4 out of 4. This is because everything about this book is great. The short sentences and overall length do not intimidate young readers. The artwork is spot on with the tones of the book. It has some funny and silly moments such as Belinda eating a goldfish and some very nice rhymes.

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