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By: Jane Fry

Between Two Homes

Pages: 30 Ratings: 5.0
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Ben and his sister, Beth, live with their parents by the beach. They love walking together with their dog, Toby. Suddenly, one day Ben's father tells them he is moving. Ben's life is shattered as he realises his parents are separating, but gradually he learns to adjust to the situation. The story follows his, and his family's journey while presenting a positive and optimistic perspective about the whole situation. It is a story of developing resilience, and gives children an opportunity to discuss this situation, and how to cope with stressful situations while coming out on top. A great resource for schools and parents.
Jane Fry is a teacher who is interested in the impact of issues affecting young children, and how they build up resilience to cope with difficult situations. She has previously had a book published about the changing relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter when the grandmother develops Alzheimer's disease. Having taught children for many years and completed a counselling diploma, she became interested in the impact of life-changing issues in children. This book looks at another situation affecting many children today, the separation of parents and how the child copes with living between two homes.
Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • Krissy

    Fantastic book. As a family lawyer, I can highly recommend this book to all my clients as a great assistance to children young and old. Brilliant, age-appropriate and very relevant.

  • Jennie Foley

    Great Book!
    “Between Two Homes, looks at one young family and their progress towards building resilience after the separation of the parents. The book is written from the perspective of Ben, the older sibling. It is a great tool for parents and teachers to use with younger children who are experiencing anxiety and stress around the breakup of their family unit. “Between Two Homes” looks at many of the issues that arise at this time, as seen from a child’s point of view. Jennie F, Melbourne (Biographer)

  • Liz Dominguez

    The theme of Between Two Homes is a very relevant one in today's society. Many children are finding themselves in similar family arrangements. Through discussions of the situations Ben and his sister Beth find themselves in, children will realise that they are not the only ones facing such issues. They see that Ben and Beth, and later on Hamish, overcome many hurdles, develop resilience and are able to deal with problems that appeared very daunting at first.

  • Brenda Lines

    'Between Two Homes' is a family-friendly book which tackles a difficult yet increasingly common situation. Author, Jane Fry, has taken a gentle approach to an emotional issue for children and families - dealing with a marital split and the upheaval that goes with this. Jane tells the story from the point of view of a young boy, Ben, who's the world is suddenly changed when his father leaves. The focus is on Ben, his worries and concerns, how he and his family deal with these and how they eventually find a different way of still being a loving family. The story provides opportunities for adults sharing this book with children to stop and discuss Ben's worries and how these could be approached in ways that are positive and develop resilience in a child. The story acknowledges people may be angry and sad when things change in lives, but does not dwell on this, or apportion blame. 'Between Two Homes' ends on a positive note as Ben reaffirms the personal growth and resilience he has gained while adjusting to a new way of family life. Children are sure to engage with the story and the colourful illustrations and to also make personal links to Ben and how he is feeling. 'Between Two Homes' allows children to know that while times can be difficult and different there is a way through these to better days ahead. A great book and resource for families and schools.

  • Linda

    Relationship and family breakdown, though not new, is an unfortunate reality. Between Two Homes discusses this with insight, skilful character portrayal and positivity.

    Though never simple, this book deals with the many issues that accompany separation: anger, resentment, guilt and depression. The author cleverly balances these inevitable negatives with the unexpected positives of compromise, emotional support, acceptance and empathy; and the setting of Brisbane's familiar landmarks makes this very personal story all the more relatable.

    The skilled writing of the author tempers an acrimonious situation with the very real power of will and love. Embracing a positive view of the future.

    "yes, things have changed...but now it's started feeling alright"

    The seemingly insurmountable becomes possible allowing the characters to move on — but not away — from each other.

    Though written for children, the universal themes of love and a family under pressure make this a worthwhile read for all ages. Both parents and children will benefit from this story and teachers will find it a useful tool in discussing habits of mind.

    I will definitely be reading it with my grandchildren, one of whom could read it alone and the other who will be learning to read and I believe that they will benefit from the discussion that will come from the story of the three children involved and their parents in this all too frequent event.

  • Sandi Harvey

    Between Two Homes by Jane Fry. In this modern era family dynamics are constantly evolving. It is no longer the standard mum , dad and siblings family group, but a more complex situation which is vast and wide in its configuration. Jane Fry has approached this family situation from the perspective of Ben who is just old enough to understand that the family unit has split. The reader through Ben, experiences the confusion, the emotions and effects that a family breakdown incurs when parents make the inevitable decision to live apart. Throughout the story there are many opportunities for discussion of various scenarios and how Ben and his parents deal with the changes that are happening to what used to be a secure and loving family unit. Ben has had to learn about compromise, when the family home has been downsized, mum and dad share parental responsibilities and how their emotions are also observed. In Ben's short life he has had to adjust routines, responsibilities and learn many skills including empathy, resilience, self-control and cooperation to name a few. His approach to dealing with emotions and how to express them in an effective way are all presented in this sensitive book about family breakup. Ben's perspective continually develops throughout, building a foundation, to be able to make a positive approach to his ever changing world. This book would be a valuable addition as a primary school resource when dealing with wellbeing. There are innumerable opportunities for discussion and use as stimulus material within the curriculum. Obviously 5 stars!!

  • Beth Feeney

    A truly brilliant book. Emotions and feelings explored beautifully and in such a way that children and adults alike will benefit from reading it. A story of resilience and family, strength and positivity that will help guide children through the changes that come with separation and divorce.

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