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Blue Sky-bookcover

By: Lynne R Johnson

Blue Sky

Pages: 232 Ratings: 4.7
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A baby girl is found by travelling Cheyenne. A brave and his wife bring Blue Sky up, as if she were their own, and she is happy to be one of the people, even after being told she was born of the white man.

While only in her teens she performs a coup which gives her all she had hoped for, full acceptance into the tribe and a forthcoming wedding to the brave she loves. But a jealous rival has other ideas. She arranges Blue Sky’s abduction telling her mother and father that she has run away.

Blue Sky is taken by an unscrupulous trader to a white man’s town. She is abused and enslaved but eventually finds help in the sheriff and school teacher.

Despite the risks, she comes to the aid of the Indian residents of a nearby reservation and, in so doing, encounters a brave who plots their escape from the town and reservation.

Then begins a long, dangerous and fateful journey home.

Lynne R Johnson was born and has retired in East Kent but, during her working life, she resided in Germany, Republic of Ireland and Scotland, as well as various places in England.

She is happily married to Ian.

Her career was spent mostly in clerical, office management and accounting roles but, in her twenties, she did six years with the Royal Air Force in Air Traffic Control.

She has always been very interested in, and felt enormous respect for, the North American First Nations Peoples and their oneness with nature.

Her activities include Pilates, singing (in a choir), line dancing, walking and scrabble but her favourite pastime is looking after her great nephews, Austin and Ethan.

This novel has been in her head, and heart, for some years and when she finally put pen to paper the words flowed, almost as if someone where whispering in her ear. 

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Josephine Brayley

    I was lucky enough to have a preview of this book. It’s a great story and really well written. A nice easy read and exciting enough to not want to put it down!

  • Sally Smith

    A wonderfully written book, with a heart-wrenching, engaging plot, and endearing characters. This is a must read.

  • Mike Thomas

    I found Blue Sky to be a very easy and enjoyable read. It is a story set in the days of the Wild West at the time when the White Man and the Native Indians were trying to live together but not always successfully. The characters interact together across both sides of the fence resulting in an exciting story where you are never quite sure what the next page is going to bring. Enjoy.

  • Sylvia Bowsher

    This is a real page-turner and a rattling good yarn. Written from the perspective of the North American First Nations Peoples as the white men just took over their lands and drove the inhabitants into Reservations.
    An eye-opener that I urge everyone to read.

  • Valerie Rees

    Blue Sky is set in the tumultuous years when the white man was establishing himself on land occupied by Native American tribes. The author has obviously thoroughly researched her subject and the result is a gripping story of greed and lust, love and kindness. I enjoyed this book. It is an easy read which keeps me holding my breath till the last page.


    I was surprised to find myself enjoying this book. A good and 'different' storyline which is well paced, and where I really cared about Blue Sky's fate.

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