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By: Colin Mackell

Broken Roads Lead Me Here

Pages: 240 Ratings: 5.0
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Broken Roads Lead Me Here tells the true-life story of a boy born into unimaginable abuse in Glasgow in the sixties. By the age of eight, Colin had been abandoned by his mother and continued to be sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually traumatised by the man she left him with. Blunted by severe trauma, Colin went through one unimaginable nightmare after another, each more traumatising and soul shattering than the last, with no one to tell and no way to understand why. He wondered as he drifted through life, what was to really become of him? Or his half-sisters? All the while, deep down, sensing that one day it could be his last.

At fifteen, he was thrown out of school, and at sixteen he was sent to prison. Colin survived rejection, abandonment, homelessness, gang wars, addiction, mental illness, overdoses, suicide attempts, and abusive adult relationships. But it always seemed as if he was living on borrowed time…

Even as he started writing his memoir, Colin had suffered a stroke, and near his recovery’s conclusion was then diagnosed with what was initially suspected as pancreatic cancer. While Colin’s diagnosis was eventually re-assessed as not immediately life threatening, it did leave him with a series of conditions which would continue to limit the quality of his day-to-day life. His illnesses and his experience of this instead of instilling a sense of profound hopelessness surprisingly led him to a profound sense of inner peace, clarity, and re-awakened purpose through his renewed faith in the real presence, love, forgiveness, and grace of God. His is a miraculous story of faith and redemption.

Colin Mackell is a husband, father, and grandfather. In his professional life as Psychotherapist, he has helped people who struggle to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, and helps them find new meaning, and explore new life paths. He is also the founder of Chrysalis Supported Association & Group CEO of Chrysalis Group Services, providing homes and support to some of life’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Colin Mackell is a social entrepreneur, addiction specialist and accredited Psychotherapist who lives and operates in the UK and Italy. He runs and consults to services that are centred around provision for complex support, treatment, and housing provision for vulnerable adults. He is a practicing Catholic and utilises the core anthropology of catholic teaching to inform the values he lives by, both in business, family and in his spiritual life. Colin is a father to nine and grandfather to nine and believes wholeheartedly in the innate value of each human life and sees both his life and his own personal recovery journey uniquely to be an opportunity to spread the message of the Gospel and its boundless offer of hope, salvation, and redemption to anyone who with an open heart and honest desire seeks its comfort.

Customer Reviews
10 reviews
10 reviews
  • KPaslawski

    A phenomenal book which tells us a story of a troubled and abused boy who manages to goes through whatever life throws at him. Easy to follow but yet difficult to understand how one can suffer so much and still be able to succeed in life. It shows that no matter where you come from and what your upbringing is, you can still choose your own path and change your life. Knowing my dad now for 18 years, always as a successful and happy man, it is hard to comprehend how much he has suffered and yet he always have kept a smile on his face. It truly shows his courage and faith.

  • LM

    Broken Roads Lead Me Here is a compelling and raw memoir. Colin's journey from the depths of despair to a life imbued with renewed purpose is a poignant reminder not to judge a book by its cover. We never truly know what a person has experienced behind closed doors. The raw and authentic storytelling captivates, offering insight into the human spirit's remarkable capacity for resilience and hope. Colin's transformative journey offers a glimmer of hope to those who may be grappling with hopelessness.

  • Luca Jay Jones

    My fathers book has opened my mind and truly inspired me to think more about my own choices in life. It’s heartwarming to hear a story about a true hardship with a happy ending which proves we can all choose our paths in life. I highly recommend my fathers book as your next read.

  • Matt

    A courageous and inspiring read. I could not put this book down once i had started. Thank you for sharing your stoty

  • David

    A compelling story of redemption. A read for everyone, highly recommended.

  • Anna Maria

    An amazing, heartrending story of living in pain and surviving each day with unearthly strength and searching for love, belonging and the meaning of existence. It forces you to reflect on the meaning of suffering based on faith in God and conversion. A book that, when reading, one must be prepared for the pain experienced by the author, who shares his experience with the belief that there will be others for whom this book will help break the silence and give encouragement not to lose faith in God and, through redemption, to fight for themselves and their place on this earth despite everything. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for hope and encouragement. Very moving and inspiring!

  • Malcolm Evans

    Colin gives us a stark and hard hitting read that is as mesmerising, as it is ‘raw ‘and ‘brutally truthful’. He is a survivor of inconceivable bullying and abuse by an adult who should have been caring for him. The period of growing up is a mixture of, a folklore Dickensian/Sectarian setting, mixed with elements of real life ‘trainspotting’ that takes us through detailed years of physical and mental health suffering but out of the ’wicked’ tunnel emerges his light. A believer of true existence and faith. He now devotes himself to help others beat their demons through the word of God and addiction programmes. Colin is a creator of his own path, a family man and social entrepreneur of our times that continues to successfully expand. His Talent and Belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit creates the platform for his ongoing future and the journey beyond I can totally recommend this book to anyone who has doubts and needs help with their own journey. Best wishes to all Malcolm

  • Dawid

    It's a powerful reminder of how resilience and faith can turn hardships into hope. A touching read for anyone looking for inspiration and strength. I couldn’t stop reading it!

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