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Change Your Life Forever! -bookcover

By: Jade Fan

Change Your Life Forever!

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Did you know that we have the freewill and are always given a chance to choose the kind of life we want to live? You can either choose to live in sin and choose a sinful lifestyle or alternatively, you can opt for living a life based upon the principles and core values of righteousness. In reality, you have a choice. Most people rarely question the way that they live and automatically follow a path of mindless and senseless self-destruction, destroying relationships with themselves and with others - by choosing to allow sin to underpin their hidden agendas and motivations for their life choices. But the truth is that you don’t have to live this way.

This book was written to help every person in the world understand how the seven deadly sins as we know them are not only extremely dangerous to us and those around us, but are the reasons and root causes that can lead us down the road of destruction. Understanding the ways these sins may operate or manifest in a person’s life, and how to deal with them, can help us to banish sinful and destructive routes in life once and for all. As it is only then that we can choose to turn our backs on the very lives that are causing us immense pain and suffering. Choosing to live a life of sin equates to gradual emotional and spiritual suicide, whereby one’s once joyful spirit and moral character of nobility and righteousness are eroded and eventually lost forever.

What are the benefits you will gain from reading this book?

• Help people from around the world understand how to combat these seven deadly sins, develop the willpower to consciously overcome destructive emotions and underlying motives - help you to restore a sense of hope, purpose, and new-found direction in your life.

• Will help you live a life based on truth and stop you from making costly mistakes that are causing you unhappiness, perennial pain, and suffering.

• Will help you realize that you deserve to be happy, and deserve to have a better life through simply knowing what is presented to you in this book; learning, understanding, and implementing the life-changing virtues taught in this self-help guide.

• Will help you will gain the ability to recognize the material manifestations of the seven deadly sins in the world and the people around you, and how best to neutralize or combat these attacks on your own lives.

• Incrementally find liberation and be set free and change your life forever! Our main motivating purpose is to liberate all people in this world. No matter who you are, where you’re from, your individual circumstances, or your past mistakes or faults. This guide will ultimately help you to understand that your destiny is your own to change!

Jade Fan is a professional Life Coach accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) who founded Jade Fan Life Coaching to help people worldwide.

She is also a qualified and experienced counsellor, career coach, educator, author, and therapist specialised in resolving mental health, spiritual, emotional and identity issues. Jade is an avid advocate of existential psychotherapy in her approach when facilitating clients in achieving greater life satisfaction, happiness and holistic well-being. This could include overcoming anxiety, depression, spiritual and identity issues, and dealing with loss and emotional trauma – ultimately, Jade Fan’s mission and goal in life is to help others restore a sense of purpose or direction, whose lives she touches upon either through her writing or direct interventions. Jade Fan also offers courses on various health, wellbeing and education topics to help people transform their lives for betterment and healing.

Jade is working on further books to help alleviate some of the most common ailments people find most challenging, including dealing with past trauma and painful events, and how to move forward from the past to the present.

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