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Dilly Cooper - Hat-astrophe-bookcover

By: Moira Siobhan

Dilly Cooper - Hat-astrophe

Pages: 74 Ratings: 5.0
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“Between Rose Thorn and Mrs Sneddle, school is miserable. Just know I hate Rose Thorn and she hates me—end of story. Or maybe it is the beginning?”

Dilly Cooper likes to draw comics and is just trying to have a little fun while getting through school. It can be hard sometimes with her nemesis, Rose Thorn, living down the street with her equally obnoxious father and dog, Tidbits. Rose lives up to her name and is a continuous thorn in Dilly’s side, always getting her into trouble.

Things go from bad to worse when her favourite teacher is replaced with horrible, math-loving Mrs Sneddle. The pressure is on, between calculating Rose Thorn and the pranks from the ‘Goon Boys’, Dilly finds it hard to keep out of trouble! Then auditions for the school production cause a stir of excitement. The show turns the promise of stardom into a hair-raising catastrophe!

Moira Siobhan works with and is inspired by children of all ages. She has always enjoyed writing and this story was done with inspiration and support from her family. She loves brainstorming ideas, sharing and writing about them. Moira moved from Canada to New Zealand with her husband, Alan. They have two wonderful children, Dilyn and Caelan.

This is the first story of Dilly Cooper and friends.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Ross kingan

    Loved it, I could visualize it in my head as I was reading it, loved the story and characters it took me back to school, I am sending it to my family's kids to read I know they will love it, now I'm waiting for next instalment.

  • Ashraf Naushahi

    DILLY COOPER HAT-ASTROPHE is not only the story of Dilly Cooper, Rose Thorn, their neighbourhood, and their school, but also a sketch of the socioeconomic scenario we see in neighbourhoods and educational institutes in the present-day world. Dilly Cooper didn't like going to school because Rose Thorn played tricks to make Dilly's days at school miserable. Both were eight-year-old school-going girls who had the same school and neighbourhood. They were in the same class, and it gave Rose Thorn ample opportunities to make school hours miserable for Dilly Cooper. Poor Dilly suffered until a change for the better happened.

  • J Austin

    The story is delightful and imaginative. The author obviously has a good understanding of children of this age. The ending was a complete surprise! I recommend this book!

  • T Abbottt

    I found this book entertaining to read. Many things that could well have happened
    at any school and a few great ideas have been woven together to make a good story.
    There are comedy and emotion and a nice twist at the end.
    I think it would appeal to 8 and 10-year-olds and their parents too.

  • Erica Longstaff

    I really enjoyed reading Dilly Cooper Hat-Astrophe. Dilly's life reminded me a bit of my life at school. Moria's written a lovely yarn about Dilly and her experiences with a school bully, her teacher, and her family. I found myself immersed in the world of Dilly, as I read each evening; and I look forward to another book, with more stories about Dilly. I will be passing this book on to my friend's children.

  • R. Clarke

    Imagine! What will happen next? Dilly Cooper is a good read and I can recommend the book to you. I like the story, I like the language, and I like the illustrations. The story twists kept me wondering how will it end, and about the characters' good points and bad points and whether those would change. Are there others who will come to Dilly's aid? As others have written, the story also rings true to me with several events that I can relate to from my schooldays. This is a story to enjoy, to think about and to learn from. I hope Dilly and her friends will have more escapades and life lessons. I look forward to finding out what is next.

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