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Expendable Soldiers 2 -bookcover

By: SJ Aspen

Expendable Soldiers 2

Pages: 398 Ratings: 5.0
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It’s 1942 and the Second World War’s Pacific Theatre has started. John Knight and his soldier colleagues have escaped being prisoners-of-war of the Japanese. They established a Coastwatcher network who report on the Japanese from the islands of New Guinea.Since the war started, John’s group of part-time soldiers have transformed into an effective group of killers. The group operates from a stolen Japanese gunboat and engage the Japanese on both land and sea while they continue to rescue people from the clutches of the advancing Japanese army.The group’s unlikely successes have been recognised and they now also work with the army’s special forces directly engaging the Japanese in high-risk missions behind enemy lines. John knows that capture by the Japanese means certain death.On the battlefield, the Japanese receive no quarter and John’s group expect none from the Japanese. It is a desperate time and no one is playing by the gentleman’s rules of war.John and his group have survived through stealth, innovation and ruthless efficiency but is that enough to survive the imminent invasion of New Guinea’s capital? John’s group need the luck of the Irish if they are to survive the war.This book is a sequel to the highly successful book, Expendable Soldiers: Invasion.

SJ Aspen is an Australian who loves to travel, see new places while meeting interesting people. Previously, SJ Aspen had a career in government, both in Australia and the Middle East. As a mature aged university student, he completed a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Information Systems. Today, he writes for the joy of presenting others with interesting and sometimes thought-provoking material. He likes to weave memories from his travels and life experiences into his storylines, often including a strong dose of reality that is balanced by a dash of humour.

SJ Aspen intends his stories to be fast-moving sequences that are vividly presented and are easily understood by general readers.

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1 reviews
  • SJ Aspen

    Extract of a book review by: "The US Review of Books"

    World War II is a subject that has been written about to a nearly exhaustive degree. However, Aspen’s book notably differentiates itself by bringing a perspective of war from a personal view, mainly John Knight’s.

    The constant need to be alert and ready is tangible as the Australian contingent arrives back at their base of operations. The men know their enemy is persistent and unpredictable, a feeling which is constant throughout the book, creating riveting tension.

    Aspen deftly presents the story of the Australian band of Renegades, and each chapter proves to be captivating. The hellish landscape of war is laid out for the reader to take in and process with the violent nature of war and survival on full display. Author Aspen has written a thrilling and pulse-pounding book.

    Read the full book review at "The US Review of Books" website.

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