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By: Dale Dawson

Finger of Suspicion

Pages: 272 Ratings: 5.0
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This novel depicts events that happened to officers from Strathclyde Police covering the periods between 1990 and 2003. The names have been changed in most circumstances to protect those involved but the detail within the stories reflect events that happened and written by me in my own words as an interpretation of what I recall.

Being a police officer during this time was rewarding and I met many lovely people whilst I worked there and still remain friends with many of them.

Policing during that era was difficult and drugs were a major scourge in the deprived areas in the north of Glasgow and many families lost loved ones through overdose or other serious drug related illnesses. The criminal gangs operated in these areas ruled by fear with many drug dealers only doing it to repay a debt.

The stories provide an insight into a behind the scenes look at how investigations are managed and the characters involved in running them. It is a sad depiction of life at the front end of policing, dealing with death and misery. More alarmingly, it will discuss the lack of support provided by senior officers towards other lower level colleagues.

The author used every power of strength and determination to set the record straight with some of the events and was helped by a few other like-minded friends. It is a story of belief in one another and colleagues involved in these incidents all looked out for one another—which didn’t always happen but I am glad we did!

Dale Dawson is a married man with two children. He is immensely proud of them and is devoted to his sensible, caring wife. He was bought up on the outskirts of Glasgow in a small countryside village setting. Life was tough in his early years like many others bought up with council backgrounds.

Customer Reviews
30 reviews
30 reviews
  • Catherine R

    When i found out my friend had written a book i was shocked as i had no idea about the plans. However, after reading Finger of Suspicion by Dale Dawson i was struck by how intensely honest and bare it was. Discussing personal things that happens in life takes guts. To endure what Dale and his family endured by the police during his working life there seems at odds as to how he should have been treated. The humorous stories about drug searches and crime in the Glasgow was very well covered and had me hooked from the beginning. I couldn't put it down as i wanted to find out what happened. Its sad, real and wow, how he must have felt dealing with what he dealt with - true respect. But it also gave me a great insight into what life was like as a detective with Strathclyde Police. I know the real Dale and he should be so very proud of this book. His story telling had me gripped. Do not miss this fascinating insight into life as a cop. Respect to Dale for daring to bare all with this true story.

  • Ian Andrew

    An excellent read, in which the author takes us through his years working for Strathclyde Police in different roles. It describes many investigations and outlines some of the key challenges in dealing with the criminal fraternity and colleagues, vividly describing a side of life that most of us don’t encounter. I found myself invested in Dales career and the issues he faced. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys an insight into police investigation and procedures.

  • Paul Hughes

    This book is a fantastic read, taking you into the dark depths of the world of fighting crime on the streets of Glasgow and surviving the inner workings of the force hierarchy within Strathclyde Police.

    The Authors experience of their time in the police force is a gripping, surreal and emotional roller coaster.

  • Charlie Blake

    I have actually just finished reading this book. This is a great account of what life must have been like in the police and shows a deep strength of character of the author. I couldn’t put the book down. The humour, seriousness and criminal content had me hooked. I felt as though i was there and wanted to reach out and stop what was happening. I have huge respect for the author’s ability to cope in what must have been difficult circumstances. If you like crime and what goes on, then do not hesitate to buy this book. Just brilliant.

  • Blair F

    A great insight into the life of a rising policeman, working his way through the social scale and corruption within the policing sector.

    The unimaginable scenarios Dawson faces keeps you gripping your seat and wanting more, whilst keeping it light hearted throughout with his humorous personality.

    Huge admiration for Dawson for putting his truth out in the limelight. I can only imagine how challenging this must have been to experience these events never mind reliving the memories to write this novel.

    I highly recommend to anyone interested in crime novels, or looking to see a side to the police force you may have not thought to be true.

  • R Weir

    An absolutely outstanding read! Fully recommend to any crime/police loving readers, such a raw and emotional story, yet still manages to be witty and funny.

    Dawson's personal experience of his progression throughout the police force, tackling corruption and crime really opened my eyes to how cruel the world can be. This reinforced that in times of doubt and unanticipated events, the fundamentality of family, love, trust and support is unparallel.

    This must have been a very raw and challenging novel to write, having to relive events that Dawson most likely wanted to forget. But huge admiration for Dawson producing such an outstanding novel, showing us both the highs, and many lows that the joining the police has (exposing the true realities of a typical Glasgow cop - something which often goes unheard of).

    For Dawson, you should be proud as I'm sure your family are.

  • S Mochrie

    Finger of suspicion is a fantastic read, a must buy for any lovers of crime novels.

    Dawson’s story details his almost unbelievable experiences within his time in the police. An aspiring young cop faces the difficulties of certain ego’s in his work, showing the reader that the term “bad guys” stretches further than the likes of car thieves and drug gangs.

  • A Douglas

    Wow! What a read! Dawson’s excellent story telling and comical tone left me wanting more.

    A fantastic crime novel entailing the life of a rising cop who faces many struggles including pesky criminals and more shockingly, some of his former colleges!

    Fingers crossed for a sequel!

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