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Flowers of the Demon Lord-bookcover

By: Harold Kruger

Flowers of the Demon Lord

Pages: 296 Ratings: 4.7
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Space pilot Milton Brown’s journey takes a perilous turn when he touches down in the blistering desert of planet Pangolin, his ship laden with metric bananas – a curious cargo that fuels his addiction to a drug causing devastating amnesia. Amidst his struggles with a smoking habit and haunting depression, Milton’s path crosses with Rashalika, the High Demonlord, who intriguingly sees potential in Milton for his mystical cult.

As Milton is thrust into a fierce power struggle, he finds himself between Quesha, the ruthless High Demonlady, and Rashalika, who, despite his quest for dominance over the interplanetary portals, aspires to reach the ethical pinnacle of the garden of Sequa.

Torn between affections for the sentient mechoid Karen, whose own mission to extract his rare DNA evolves into something tender, and the enchanting Demonlady Carmelia, wielding a hypnotic flute, Milton faces choices that transcend realms. As the narrative unfolds, Milton must navigate a labyrinth of love, loyalty, and identity – where the heart’s direction is as mysterious as the stars themselves.

Harold was born in London in 1962. He emigrated with his family to Adelaide, Australia in 1976, where he still lives. He obtained a degree in Biology and an honours degree in Philosophy from Flinders University. He has a second-dan black belt in Karate. He has travelled and worked in many countries. Harold has struggled with mental issues and is now free of several addictions. As a singer-songwriter he has recorded with several bands and been involved with dance and fine art. He is a Buddhist and devotes a lot of time to meditation.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Ruth

    This is a fascinating book from the bigger science fiction picture to the inner details of the characters and how they are dealing with life. There are many characters in the book with a range of challenges from ,for example, Rashalika who, though very focussed on spirituality, is very tempted by power. While Milton suffers from depression and addictions, as well as lack of self worth. I found this book very satisfying as it reminded me, as it's described, that life is like a journey winding through both low valleys and high places. In the valley there is no hope. When the path climbs again, the view is magnificent. This is an amazing book.

  • Chloe

    This read is both thought-provoking, entertaining. Deeply descriptive, it invites the reader into a new interplanetary realm where we meet Milton and many other characters we resonate with for their humanity, joys and struggles. Ultimately, it speaks of hope and the possibilities that belonging can bring us…. A highly recommended read!

  • Clare

    In “Flowers of the Demon Lord” by Harold Kruger, we delve into the life of Milton Brown, an intergalactic freight pilot grappling with the demons of depression and addiction. His vulnerabilities make him an easy target for manipulation, leaving him in a constant state of uncertainty about whom to trust. Milton’s existence seems to be an unending cycle of battling addictions, only to fall prey to them again. There are forces at play, vested interests that would rather he remain trapped in this cycle. Yet Milton’s unique DNA could tip the scales in a cosmic battle between darkness and light. He is far stronger than he gives himself credit for. “Flowers of the Demon Lord” is a compelling science fantasy narrative that explores the power dynamics between good and evil. It explores Milton’s internal struggles, his experiences with addiction and depression, and the immense strength required to surmount these challenges. The book does not shy away from the realities of living with mental health issues and addiction. Yet, it remains ultimately hopeful, serving as a testament to Milton’s resilience and his ability to confront challenges that most people cannot fathom. It’s a journey through darkness with the promise of light at the end.

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