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By: Jarra Freehart


Pages: 272 Ratings: 4.5
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Have you ever thought about the life you have lived? The person you have become and what you had to go through to get there? Well, Jarra Freehart has and it wasn’t all good. I can tell you that. Horrific might be a good description. Attempting to destroy yourself is one thing. But equally effective is destroying other people’s trust and confidence in you along the way. Fancy having to admit something like that. Self-awareness can be very elusive. Jarra had his hands on it several times. But it always slipped away. The only thing he’d ever really achieved was not dying along the way. He came close a few times. He had to write this book. While there was still time. He had to empty his head before he could develop any further and maybe become a better person. Although he would never consider himself a bad person. Just lost in a world that no one else was allowed into. His own private world. Visitors were not welcome at all. Not ever.

Jarra Freehart didn’t find this laborious task easy, you know. It was hard work. That’s for sure. But he’s so glad he eventually did it. Because now, his new life could begin. But that’s another story.

Jarra Freehart had no chance to be a normal kid. He was a different kind of kid. Right from the start. Slightly dyslexic. An undiagnosed epileptic. Bullied mercilessly at school. Couldn’t express himself verbally. A confused misfit in an alien world. Part of a large family but all alone until he discovered drugs and alcohol at 14. That changed everything. A new Jarra emerged. Full of confidence. Life of the party. Feared nothing. Indulged in all life’s pleasures. What a blast! Until he crashed and burned at nineteen. How he’s still alive is a mystery!

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Daina Jeske

    I can't wait to get and read the book. We are friends with the author. Amazing , creative individual.The true story of an amazing man.jd

  • Julie Olive

    Frank is a compelling and challenging read. The style of writing is raw and intriguing. The story unravels in the mind of Frank who has managed to survive despite a dysfunctional family life and becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Jarra Freehart’s style of writing portrays Frank’s mental health struggles in a way that provides the reader with an intimate look at why Frank is the way he is and the challenges he faces in trying to overcome his past. The reader witnesses firsthand Frank’s struggle with his ‘inner demons’ to achieve and maintain a level of self-awareness that he can act upon and ultimately turn his life around. Many readers will relate to aspects of Frank’s story and recall childhood events, both positive and negative, that shaped their lives. Frank’s situation, however, is extreme and in the final pages, the reader is left wondering where Frank is really at and what he will choose to do next. I was left wanting to know the answer to this. I look forward to a sequel setting out the next phase of Frank’s existence.

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