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From Dingle With Love-bookcover

By: Michael Saint

From Dingle With Love

Pages: 352 Ratings: 4.9
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Paddy Doyle is an extraordinary man. Born during a terrifying storm that isolates his home (Milford Farm in the Irish Republic) from the outside world, the priest who delivers him plays a crucial role in Paddy’s upbringing and mentors his affinity with the sea. When, at the age of 21, he leaves the safety of Ford Farm to work in the UK’s construction industry, Paddy’s life is never the same again. He saves his supervisor from a potentially fatal accident, crosses swords with his employer and drifts from one company to another, before Shaun Cullerton, MD of Eureka Construction offers him a job that shapes the rest of his life.

From the discovery of a half brother, a sexual proposal from a wealthy (and insistent) widow, an old flame who desperately needs his help, to a company takeover, a torrid affair with the new boss’s vivacious wife, another new love interest, karma and regret, ghostly experiences, assassination attempts, a kidnapping and a chilling situation on Paddy’s wedding day, this is a racy, steely read, bursting with twists and turns that will stay with you a long time after reading.

Contemporary fiction at its most thrilling, exciting, dangerous and captivating, From Dingle With Love is a multi-genre novel that will have you gripped from the prologue.

Michael Saint was born in Cardiff, South Wales, in 1939. His late father, at the age of fourteen (fifteen was the legal age) was employed as a cabin boy on a tramp ship out of Barry. During his three years at sea, he visited many countries. He didn’t have much leisure time; however, he spent much of it listening to the tales of the Arab stokers in the boiler room and sampling their strange meals. Obviously, they took advantage of his youthful innocence, taking artistic licence (with much bloodletting) to tell him stories from their varying lifestyles. These remained in Michael’s mind until he retired and became the inspiration for the dramatic prologue of The Djinn’s Retribution.

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Anne

    From the time I picked up this book I couldn’t stop reading it. I was gripped from the very beginning, I love the way the book flowed.

  • Eleanor Kingdon

    A brilliant page-turner from the start. Intelligent, passionate, and entertaining.

  • Karen Griffiths

    A real enjoyable read from start to finish, loved getting to know the main character and his journey through life. Would highly recommend it.

  • Andrew

    Entertaining from start to finish. Impulsive read would definitely recommend it.

  • Wilf Harrison

    Paddy Doyle created by Michael Saint, with his crack and Guinness, was never going to be a sterotypical Irish man. "Blessed" from birth by the storm gods: he has a path to follow. Who would think that the life of a Civil Engineer could be so full of twists and Trysts!! The detail of the evolving storu makes one wonder how much autobiography is in "From Dingle with Love". Good read.

  • Tony Camody

    Opening the first page of the book Justin At Large, I learned that the author had written another book, From Dingle With Love.
    Having thoroughly enjoyed Justin’s hilarious adventures I decided to read this book, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Surviving a troubled birth and early sick health, Paddy Doyle immerses himself into the natural world in his beloved Milford Bay near Dingle. In my mind, I followed his experiences in surroundings so eloquently described as his amphitheater. This is dashed when at the age of 21 he is persuaded to follow an uncle to the British mainland to work on a construction site.

    Paddy faces many challenges associated with his new occupation complicated by a torrid affair with his boss’s stunningly beautiful wife. Then he meets Kirstie, a woman mentally scarred following a horrific abusive marriage.

    More challenges occur before everything is set for a happy ending with marriage to Kirstie. Then, when she’s abducted by a mystery admirer, with actions reminiscent of James Bond, Paddy rescues her and they enjoy a blissful marriage ceremony.

    But with a turn to the last page they face another shocking denouement. The morning after their Marriage their lives were threatened like the sword of Damocles with a mystery finger curling around a trigger and an eye glaring through a telescopic sight...

    There are many facets to the storyline with the odd tear-jerker to keep you guessing to the last line.

  • Charles Jones

    A beautiful novel with links to South Wales and Southern Ireland brought to life by Michael Sant in such an imaginative way. A compelling story written so vividly, interweaving the captivating experiences in the life of Paddy Doyle. An absorbing mix of love, intrigue, and danger. It grips you from start to finish.

  • Joyce

    From start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I loved all the places that Paddy visits on his journey through the story. Highly recommended.

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