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From Istanbul to Haifa-bookcover

By: Ammar Sinan

From Istanbul to Haifa

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This book is based on the true story of five siblings who played pivotal roles in the most significant political and historical events that unfolded in the Levant region between the years 1890 and 1948 CE. These events were instrumental in the emergence of entire nations in the Middle East, the collapse of others, and continue to be the primary influence on everything we have experienced and are living today.

Within the pages of this book, we traverse a diverse geographical and historical landscape encompassing the Levant, Egypt, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, and Iran. We witness the Arabs’ attempts to realize their dream of building an independent unified Arab state, The alleged efforts by the superpowers of that age to undermine and thwart their aspirations were akin to conspiracies against their dreams, and the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine. The reader is taken through historical events starting from the Balkan Wars and the fall of the Ottoman Empire to the establishment of the Arab state, the correspondences of Hussein McMahon, the role of Lawrence of Arabia, the Sykes-Picot Agreement, and the onset of French and British mandates, culminating in the founding of the Zionist entity.

It is worth noting that the information presented in this book is documented from the memoirs left by the five siblings, testimonies from many who lived through those times, and various historical sources. The information is presented in a captivating and dramatic narrative, bringing the characters to life in vivid detail, allowing you to experience history as if you are living it in all its intricacies.

Ammar Sinan is an engineer by education with a passion for history, a distinguished figure in the realm of international business development entrepreneurship, a strategic planner, and an accomplished leader with a remarkable journey spanning over three decades. Ammar seamlessly blends acute business acumen with an unwavering passion for history and politics, positioning himself as a true pioneer with a distinctive perspective on the interconnectedness of these multifaceted realms.

Beyond the confines of the boardroom, Ammar actively engages in high-stakes discussions within the context of the Syrian conflict, with deep family routes extending to the period of the Ottoman Empire, demonstrating a profound commitment to understanding and contributing to the complex discourse of geopolitics. His involvement in these discussions not only underscores Ammar’s dedication to comprehending the intricate dynamics of geopolitical landscapes but also lays the groundwork for a remarkable fusion of business expertise and geopolitical insight.

Ammar’s forthcoming book, titled Istanbul to Haifa: Traversing Historical Corridors, serves as a testament to this harmonious blend of business acumen and historical passion. Within the pages of this captivating work, Ammar embarks on a poignant authorial journey, propelled by an insatiable love for history and a desire to unravel the threads that connect two iconic cities—Istanbul and Haifa. This literary venture is informed by Ammar’s profound understanding of political sciences and history, promising readers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the events that have left an indelible mark on the vibrant regions between these two cities.

In Istanbul to Haifa, Ammar extends the same level of dedication and expertise that has characterised his illustrious career, inviting readers to traverse the corridors of time. The narrative skillfully weaves together the historical journey, providing a profound and interconnected perspective that allows readers to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of events that has shaped the regions from Istanbul to Haifa. As a business pioneer with a fervent passion for history, Ammar Sinan is poised to leave an indelible mark on the literary landscape, offering a unique and insightful contribution to our understanding of the historical forces that have shaped our world.

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