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From My Heart to Yours-bookcover

By: Vernon Postmus

From My Heart to Yours

Pages: 106 Ratings: 5.0
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Embark on a stirring odyssey through rhythm and rhyme, where every verse resonates with profound reflections and deep insight.

Experience the rhythmic cadence of life. Be captured by the enchantment of words. Unveil just a little something of God’s design for life.

Every poem in this collection is infused with a deeply Christian message, offering solace and encouragement.

Pause, reflect, and let the words seep into your soul.

Will this book captivate you so deeply that setting it aside becomes a challenge?

Embark on this voyage, and may it bless your own life’s journey.

Who is Vernon? Can you find him? Maybe he is with his family, fishing, bushwalking, or enjoying the great outdoors? No, I can’t seem to find him there!

Shhh… Over there, I just spotted him, tucked away in that quiet space… He looks occupied, wrestling with words, as they tumble around him. There’s determination in his eyes, as he marshals them into line. It appears that a subject has caught his attention! Maybe it’s some marvel of creation that has a story to tell. Perhaps it is a word or a subject that he would like you to ponder on. Either way, he appears determined to keep the message clear. There he goes, gently beating the words into a rhythm, and massaging the verse into rhyme. Come, take a look and see…

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1 reviews
  • Emily Van Der Plas

    From My Heart to Yours is an anthology of poetry infused with a heartfelt, humble and honest tone. Its many probing questions, nature-inspired analogies, and gentle imperatives seek to encourage the fellow Christian reader to have a deeper awareness of themselves, and impress the need to have a higher view of God. The collection teaches that such self-reflection and praise should in turn stir greater love and service for our spouse, child or friend. Some themes that emerge are: the use of time, the character of God, life as a journey, the importance of wise listening and speaking, body image, the sin of pride, and family. At times the anthology breaks into storytelling through rhyme and rhythm by crafting relational interactions that are at once recognisable and compelling. At other moments, my favourites, the poems are penned as prayers. Many of the poems contain an urgent and earnest call to action – all done with a nurturing, gentle and compassionate spirit. This body of work was clearly written by an author who has deep self-awareness and awe of God, who has had experiences that have tested and shaped him, and who loves and cares for fellow believers greatly and genuinely. Some of the poems that I especially enjoyed include: · “Less of Me, More of You” – a prayer that humbly seeks to praise God rather than be absorbed by ourselves · “Fred” – a compelling story about an ambitious, proud man stopped in his tracks by illness and his faithful wife’s spiritual care · “Circuits” – an analogy inspired by the author’s work as an electrician · “Please Listen” – a series of anecdotes revealing the harm of being too quick to speak · “Journey” – an epic reimagining of Pilgrim’s Progress · “Mortal Man” – a challenge to be at peace with our Saviour · “Sea Shore” – natural analogies are used to encourage reflection on God the Creator and our place in His world Reading this anthology is like inviting a friend over to encourage you in your faith – you won’t regret it.

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