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By: William Ambrose

I Found Atlantis

Pages: 334 Ratings: 5.0
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In this book, the author takes readers on a journey back in time to the origins of the Atlanteans. Explore the citadel built by Poseidon and discover the truth behind the myth of Atlantis. Uncover the story of how the Atlanteans were forced to flee rising floodwaters and where they went. Through historical evidence and research, this book aims to prove that Atlantis is not just a myth, but a real and fascinating part of our history.

Henry Ambrose was a real estate broker and had been in the real estate business for more than thirty years. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Science and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Advanced Research in Papaikou, Hawaii. He also obtained a lifetime teaching credential to teach all subjects in real estate. The lost island of Atlantis is a parcel of land. A real estate broker is trained to locate any parcel of land in the world if it has been professionally described by the metes and bounds method. Plato did an excellent job of describing the location of the island of Atlantis.

With this background he easily located the parcel of land described by Plato.  His next step was to prove it existed and to put the time, the people and the place together to coincide with historical research. He believed that he had sufficient experience in library research. He had done considerable research in his social and anthropology classes, 1950 to 1954, to undertake the task of researching Plato's dialogues about the lost island of Atlantis.

He first began his research by brainstorming with his friends and anyone who believed they knew where the island was located. Next, he checked out the limit of library books on the subject or any books of culture groups that might have been related to the Atlantean civilization in any way. This research was supplemented by his experience of accompanying his wife and children on YMCA sponsored trips.

The YMCA program allowed him to learn the culture of the American and Mexican Indians. He also attended multicultural, multilingual seminars (sponsored by the Department of Education) with his wife, a native Mexican of Aztec descent. He found that many of the arts and crafts from these events were similar even though they were from different countries. His experience in Southeast Asia during World War II, while serving in the United States Armed Forces, was similar. He had become acquainted with eastern culture and noticed many similarities with the culture of the Mexican and American Indians.

The sinking, or the deluge of Atlantis was a slow process. This was the same deluge as described by Noah in the Bible where the water level was measured and was found to be rising. During this period the people of Atlantis fled to other countries and were unable to return for several hundred years. His research allowed him to trace the cultures he encountered that were similar, back to the original people of Atlantis who fled their country. He was then able to put the time, the people and the place together into proper historical perspective. There have been over 3,000 books written on the subject and no one else has been able to do this. His book, “I Found Atlantis,” proves the existence and location of the island of Atlantis.

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  • aquaman

    good book very accurate to my home :)

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