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By: Uditha Jayatunga

Intelligent Design as Proof of Creation

Pages: 230 Ratings: 5.0
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Intelligent Design goes well beyond the evolution debate. This book explores the science of this vast subject from the universe to life as well as going down to cells and DNA. It argues that the origin of first life, complexities of a cell, unparallel information system in DNA and many perfect systems seen in all life can only come from intelligence. It also draws evidence from lesser explored topics such as the brain- the most complex in the universe, power of the zygote, superior animal features, phylogenetics, microbiome, development of sexes in new species, physiology and fine-tuning of over 200 parameters in the universe, solar system, the earth as well as in the environment needed for life. It dissects fallacies and the limitations of Darwinism falling well short of the biological complexities of all life. While agreeing with micro evolution, which is a drop of water in the ocean of macroevolution. It concludes the impossible task of producing 8.7 million species with just two mechanisms of Darwinian theory namely random mutations and natural selection. Evidenced by purpose and fine-tuning at every level of complexity, this book gives proof of Intelligent Design based on undisputable mathematical probabilities.

Uditha Jayatunga (MBBS, FRCP) is a senior consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine with experience over 20 years currently working at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust. He was the Associate Clinical Director in Rehabilitation Medicine Department and previously been a member of NHS England Rehabilitation Medicine Clinical Reference Group. He has got an interest in Brain Injury which is particularly relevant to this book. Hailing from Sri Lanka with strong Anglican background, he has had a long-term interest in evolution/creation debate and has given few talks in Sri Lanka and UK on this subject. Using his medical and bioscience background, he has done a comprehensive scientific analysis from the universe to cells and DNA to support Intelligent Design with proof based on mathematical probabilities.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Suren Liyanage

    Excellent reading and a thought provoking book on the most fundamental question in life. The book delves deep into the debate on evolution versus intelligent design, proposing that the complexities of life, from the universe to DNA, point towards the existence of an intelligent designer. The book explores various facets of life and the universe, including the intricacies of cells, the information system within DNA, and the fine-tuning of over 200 parameters necessary for life. The author supports his argument with mathematical probabilities to advocate for intelligent design as the most plausible explanation for the origin. The book covers lesser-explored topics such as the complexity of the brain, the power of the zygote, and developments in new species, concluding that the vast diversity of life cannot be solely attributed to the mechanisms proposed by Darwinian theory.

  • Jerome Joseph

    Exceptional erudite scholarly scientific thesis of a very vast complex subject of the wonder of creation and life . Dr Jayatunge makes a compelling case for intelligent design as proof of creation . I especially stand astounded in wonder and awe of how the entire solar system plays a part in sustaining life on earth that is covered in this book. Whilst it is a drop in the ocean on this subject , it is so filling and satisfying ! Well worth a read

  • Themuth

    This book opens out to the complexities of so many parameters of human life. The book evaluates so many different areas including the nature of cells, DNA, human intelligence, how the brain works, complexity of the universe and so many important topics where a normal person will not be evaluating or bother to explore. It also talks about other species and the environment. I feel that it is extremely important for an average human being to know something about these parameters. This book gives a good account of all aspects.

  • Shen

    A unique and thought provoking read, which challenged widely accepted theories using scientific examples from the world around us. The scope of this book is impressive, ranging from complicated topics surrounding space and biology, whilst using language that is accessible to the everyday reader.

  • Devsiri Peiris

    This is a rare book "Intelligent Design as Proof of Creation" Written by Dr. Uditha Jayatunga, It is an interesting read about scientific facts written from the perspective of a well balanced scientist, giving some good proof supporting Creation. This book will help you to take a few steps closer to solving the age old debate of Creation verses Evolution. It is very important to hold to one side or the other on this debate as it forms our world views and the way we look at many aspects of our lives. Once you read this book you will realize how much information about the most important aspects have been carelessly accepted.

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