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Jimbo's Assumption-bookcover

By: Richard N Philip

Jimbo's Assumption

Pages: 350 Ratings: 5.0
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Homo sapiens: development is deviating from projections. With 10 billion Earth-years of galactic experience, the Intelligence, the ethereal presence led by the Energy Masters, discerns something special in this complex creature and its accelerating scientific capabilities.

Their sub-processor and Earth project manager will surely explain. After 100,000 years with his client, the Homo sapiens, can 221 offer enlightenment?

Jimbo, a hesitant hero, knew that Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, was a great place to grow up and study science. Summer, 1996: pleasingly unexceptional, with good friends in a wonderful city. The recent creation of Dolly the Sheep gave him vacation work, cataloguing mathematical models. Happy days. Until his sleep is interrupted by the nebulous 221, obliging him to rescue the models from nocturnal thieves. A chase ensues, across and underneath the city, but armed gangsters are no match for Jimbo’s new night vision and his galactic minder, 221. The police are doubtful.

221 tries to account for his client’s extraordinary progress, while the Energy Masters struggle from suspicion through bemusement to inconclusiveness. Fortunately, Jimbo participates, while he sleeps.

A story of human development, described to our hero in 100 seconds. Meet an eclectic assortment of scientific wizards who created our modern world. Humour exists, galactically rare. 221 believes the human brain is the galaxy’s most complex machine, running on only 20 watts.

Set in beautiful Edinburgh and the wider Milky Way.

An engineer, Richard N Philip has worked internationally in consultancy and industrial roles, from Asia to the Americas. Before Jimbo’s Assumption, his writing contributions addressed technical and academic readerships. His diverse interests extend from the history of science through statistical methods to current astronomical research. He is a resident of Worcestershire, in the English Midlands.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • John Watt

    I really enjoyed this book, an excellent mixture of science history and science fiction. The setting - in Edinburgh around the time of the cloning of Dolly the sheep adds an interesting back drop , especially if you are interested the discoverers of science or like me are from the Athens of the North. I particularly liked the enigmatically named alien '221'.

  • John Watt

    I particularly liked the story, mixing a research scientist, Jimbo, working in Edinburgh in 1996 when the cloning of Dolly the Sheep occurred, Jimbo is educated by a time travelling alien (enigmatically called ‘221’) from the ‘Energy Masters’ living in the heroes head explaining the rich history of mans advances in science, 221 involves Jimbo in a race with an unknown nefarious gang to retrieve important data discs. I found it a good mix of science history with science fiction.

  • Brian Humphreys

    A book of the type I thought I would never read but once I understood what was in the author's mind, I enjoyed the journey very much. It spans such a diverse collection of disciplines exemplifying the authors knowledge of many of the masters of just about every science and the proverbial 'ology' I had ever heard of. It became an encyclopaedia of authors of academia in every sphere sandwiched between what was quite an exciting fictional story. I was pleased with myself that I stuck to the task of finishing the book, which, at the beginning, I thought that I would never reach. Well done David, I wish I had your skill.

  • Katie Kidd

    Having never studied science at school, I found Jimbo's Assumption very interesting. I did however study 17th & 18th century French thought at university, so have read Descartes and Pascal in the original language. Much preferred Voltaire and the Enlightenment. Thank you Richard N Philip for telling me such fascinating stories about those clever scientists. Now feel much better educated. Je pense donc je suis.

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