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By: Michael Saint

Justin At Large

Pages: 140 Ratings: 5.0
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When Millicent Pemberton’s acting career comes to a disastrous end, she seduces a wealthy Scottish Duke and moves into his impressive castle. Pregnant with Justin she raids the Duke’s safe and disappears with a fortune in banknotes.

22 years later, a fiercely dominating mother, Millicent and her American lover move to the USA selling her family home, leaving him to be introduced into an alien world.

A Pandora’s box of events challenges his sanity. He’d been arrested and jailed briefly for a trumped-up charge of rape. Mentally, physically and sexually abused by a collection of crazy women (including a randy teacher and her class of equally randy 16-year-old schoolgirls).

Locating his mother in the USA, Justin accompanying her to a bank is taken hostage by three armed gorillas during a raid. He is whisked away into the wilds to be harassed by a gang of women thieves. The Duke, recognising Millicent from a TV newsflash and realising Justin must be his son, races to rescue him with a bunch of mercenaries.

Justin’s story has so many unpredictable events you are forced to turn over the page to learn what happens to our guy next.

Michael Saint was born in Cardiff, South Wales, in 1939. His late father, at the age of fourteen (fifteen was the legal age) was employed as a cabin boy on a tramp ship out of Barry. During his three years at sea, he visited many countries. He didn’t have much leisure time; however, he spent much of it listening to the tales of the Arab stokers in the boiler room and sampling their strange meals. Obviously, they took advantage of his youthful innocence, taking artistic licence (with much bloodletting) to tell him stories from their varying lifestyles. These remained in Michael’s mind until he retired and became the inspiration for the dramatic prologue of The Djinn’s Retribution.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Tony Camody

    Muttering to a friend I needed a good laugh in these troubled times, he handed me this book. He told me if I didn’t think Justin’s story matches the blurb, I should chuck it in the fire.

    I must admit when I read the blurb I scoffed, I’m skeptical about the merit of blurbs. However, from the moment I opened the book, I was hooked! There are so many hilarious situations that Justin has to endure. From his first enforced tryst with a monstrous randy school teacher, to kidnap by women bank raiders disguised as gorillas, being chased in the moonlight by a chocoholic brown bear... a side-splitting police identity parade, and many more.

    Not to forget the indefatigable Tobacco Kate!

    Obviously, the book never ended in the fire.

  • Anne

    What a story!

    Justin had never heard of an exploding jockstrap until he was taken hostage by a gang of crazy women bank robbers. There are so many hilarious unpredictable challenges he faces, you eagerly turn pages to satisfy yourself, he’ll survive until the next arrives.

  • Andrew Smith

    I,d chose to take this book with me on my recent caravan holiday. On the second day with the weather atrocious, I sat in my comfortable armchair and read Justin’s story from cover to cover.

    Justin’s a good-looking 22-year-old lad who excelled in all sports at his school. However, with Millicent a dedicated chaperone. He remains a virgin. When a mysterious American arrives at their front door Millicent is enchanted by his smile, stature and casual drawl. Within days with Justin’s family home on the market, Millicent and Hiram head for America, shortly to be followed by the proceeds from the sale of Justin’s house…. his inheritance.

    Unfettered, Justin dressed casually for the first time in his life hits town. The moment he reaches the top of the stairs to the Boomerang Club with a blast of music, he enters another world.

    A kaleidoscope of experiences mingles into one. He’s imprisoned in a police cell, subjected to an identification parade, loses his virginity to a huge schoolteacher, and abducted by a gang of crazy women thieves who compete in a terrifying competition to own him. Between laughs, you wonder whether Justin will last whatever path he’s racing down.

    I thoroughly recommend this book. The atrocious weather outside was furthest from my mind as I joined Justin, and laughed the day away.

  • Nick

    After reading ‘From Dingle with Love’ I was looking forward to reading Michael Saint’s book ‘Justin at Large’. What a hilarious read and not what I was expecting, but thoroughly enjoyed this book!

  • Rebecca Timms

    When I started reading I was wondering when Justin would make an appearance. Then learning how the Black Widow gang treated their victims and asked who would be their next victim I had an idea it would be poor old Justin....and how right I was.

    The twists and turns in this delightfully funny story with short chapters make it a cracking holiday read.

  • Cath Clift

    Justin’s usually boring Sunday morning orchestrated by Millicent, his domineering mother, ended abruptly when a tall handsome American knocked on their front door. Raising his Stetson, and introducing himself, Millicent’s mind was instantly consumed with lust. Wishing a couple of days, with her cases packed, 22-year-old Justin was cast out of her life, free to pursue whatever he desires. But what did he desire? He didn’t desire the mayhem that raced in his direction. Life became blue with so many bizarre events. No longer a virgin after a tryst with a huge school teacher, two of her schoolgirls are hidden in a wardrobe recording the event. Then as he gasped for breath, they took measurements of his body’s most interesting features for a zany project their form at school was researching to calculate the size of a male’s wee room before the event. To be challenged clad in medieval armour by a psychopath to win a lodging enabling him to remain incognito until he could arrange a passport and visa. Flying to America, he planned to pursue his mother and persuade her to hand over some of the money from the sale of their house. However, he was swiftly kidnapped by a gang of women bank robbers disguised as Gorillas and introduced to Tobacco Kate!

    These were just a few of the challenges he was forced to overcome.

    This is a hilarious story, well worth distancing yourself from the world with only Justin on your mind. Enjoy the ride!

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