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By: Oliver Hurst

Loose Ends

Pages: 184 Ratings: 4.0
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Matthew Bartimaeus, a blind yet notorious hitman, strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear his name. When a routine job takes a disastrous turn, Matthew’s world unravels as he’s double-crossed by a former employer. In a desperate twist of fate, he finds himself compelled to form an unlikely alliance with undercover detective Zoe Garland.

As they join forces, their partnership grows stronger by the day, igniting a deadly game of cat and mouse across the sprawling city of London. Hot on their heels is Arif, the relentless son of the Berkant crime family’s patriarch. Fast-paced car chases and high-stakes gunfights ensue, pushing Matthew to the brink as he relies on his finely honed skills and remaining senses to survive.

But this isn’t just a quest for vengeance, it’s a mission to protect Zoe, who holds the key to exposing corruption within the Met Police. In Loose Ends, Matthew’s determination to settle old scores collides with his unwavering commitment to safeguarding his newfound partner. In a world where justice hangs in the balance, this duo will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

This is Oliver’s first novel, he started writing while his wife was working late during the lockdowns, surprising himself with his own dedication to the project. Oliver is a family man, daddy to two young daughters. Born and raised in West Yorkshire, he now lives in Kent with his family.

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1 reviews
  • Will Martin

    ‘Loose Ends’ is a high octane, pacey action thriller that’s crashes its way through the more sordid parts of London. Fights, shootings, car chases and brutal killings, follow Oliver Hurst’s intriguing blind antihero; Matthew Bartimaeus ‘s 48 hour journey of revenge and retribution. Whose conflicted moral compass , swinging erratically as an iron one at the North Pole, chases his prey down. Cold and unyielding, Bartimaeus, does however, possess seeds of redemption within his character. The action is fast moving, the writing punchy and the dialogue sharp and snappy. Bartimaeus’s character requires more depth and history, but I’m sure we will see this in future novels, when , hopefully, he is operating on the right side of the law. All said a very worthy debut novel.

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