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Mosquitoes in Skyros-bookcover

By: Wayne Noakes

Mosquitoes in Skyros

Pages: 298 Ratings: 4.5
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A spiritual retreat – or so this man thought – was something you go on to embrace your connection with life and (hopefully) learn a bit more about yourself. If things go well, you might end up looking to the future with added confidence. However, when the realisation dawns that you have been semi-consciously searching for “the one” for the last eleven years, and that the very essence and substance of true love risks materialising during the retreat… I mean, what is a man to do?

A light-hearted search for greater well-being on a Greek island combines with “a nice holiday” to engender somewhat more sharing than anticipated. The parallel narratives of the retreat workshops and a budding relationship begin to over-flow – one nourishing the other, to the point that a rare and very real love seems almost fated.

Written with great honesty and sensitivity and (yet!) through a male perspective, poignant memories from childhood are pieced together with reflections on relationships in general to bring such focus on the natural laws affecting us all, that a sense of underlying good purpose in every relationship starts to emerge.

With evocative descriptions of Greek cuisine and culture as the backcloth, threads of spiritual mystique interweave with a most-passionate romance. The words of wisdom that emerge organically as the story unfolds may be left to wash over, or be investigated using the cross-references to appendices that support self-development alongside the story; but in any event, there is always the sun and the feta!

Born in Ipswich, Suffolk, Wayne has always enjoyed creative expression. Largely, this has been via singing, playing instruments and – following ten years in the Royal Air Force – a number of years joyfully pursuing the performing arts (as a hobby, you understand). There were a few lines of poetry, and a particularly creative rendition of the thoughts that came with meditation, but Wayne had not thought himself to be a “writer”. That is, until after a few days of meeting the love of his life, when he knew he was going to write the story of their meeting; and then – he wrote.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • David Melville

    An unexpected gem. Sincere and heartwarming message that true love can be found in the most unexpected places when you least expect it.
    A lovely story simply told with a message of hope for many people looking to start over later in life.

  • MR. R.

    A true romantic story with gems of wisdom throughout.
    A friend recommended this for my holiday suitcase. I had to wait for the delivery as Amazon was out of stock. Anyway, it arrived on time and it has been a great holiday read.

    At it’s core Mosquitoes in Skyros is about a passionate romance. In parallel with this are the events that occurred during a one-week spiritual group retreat that was the genesis of the romance. The setting is the Greek island of Skyros.

    In this debut book, Wayne reveals the thoughts running through his mind as he embarks on this retreat. His fears and his hopes are evident when he realizes he is on the cusp of a romance. The mix of two cultures and the challenges of different languages unfold.

    The focus of his affection is Marie-Hélène, a strong, independent woman with a clarity of vision and a welcoming smile. Both soon discover they share a love of the sea, and neither fears getting into deep water.

    This is a very entertaining book in a style that is honest and often humorous. The descriptions are rich in detail and give Wayne the opportunity to scatter snippets of wisdom weaned from Wayne’s life experience. All the while the dialogue moves the story along.

    There is always the chance it will only be a holiday romance. There is always the hope love will win. The truth will tell.

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