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By: Douglas Hall

Murder Never Sleeps

Pages: 226 Ratings: 5.0
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Victor Madison was a man who never took "no" for an answer and Private Investigator Paul West immediately sensed that he could be trouble the moment he walked through his office door. He didn't ask, he demanded that West find his only daughter, Cindy, who had been missing for over two years. Money was no object. Police Inspector Charlie King, West's former partner, was the lead investigator into Cindy's missing case which was a cold one but was once again active when he was given permission to work on it with West. Their investigation took them to Alabama where they became involved with a collection of fascinating and questionable characters, including a local sheriff who made them his deputies; a bank manager with self-serving interests; a charismatic pastor and cult leader who knew a dark secret; and a besotted enabler who would go to any devious means to protect him… and she did. Madison's daughter was found, but not in the manner the reader could ever guess, or imagine. The suspense, in this page-turning mystery, never wanes right up to the last page and the chilling climax.

Doug Hall is a graduate from the University of Toronto. Doug was appointed Senior Press Officer for IBM Canada Inc.

After seven-and-a-half years of extensive media relations, Hall moved on to become a Canadian radio and television personality for more than 32 years. He hosted a number of nationally syndicated Canadian shows on both radio and television, including: The Doug Hall Show; Daybeat; The Anatomy of Living; Taking Sides; Your Opinion; Bestsellers and What is Truth, as a member of the panel with Paul Hellyer, former Minister of National Defense, CBC personality Lorraine Thomson and CFRB radio newscaster Bob Hesketh.  Celebrated author, broadcaster, and newspaper executive Charles Templeton was the moderator.

A number of Hall’s TV shows were telecast on cable and independent U.S. stations. During Hall’s career he travelled extensively on assignment to the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, The Soviet Union, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Haiti, and Iraq. Hall has written eleven mysteries, five novels, three children’s books and three biographies including: “The Real Patsy Cline” and “The Mamas and The Papas.” Hall was the only multiple screenwriter for the 20th Century/NBC/CTV series “The Starlost”. He was also the Executive Producer for a number of television musical biographies including: Englebert Humperdinck; Paul Anka; Roy Orbison; Chet Atkins and Gordon Lightfoot. Hall’s 22 books have been published in Canada, the United States, The United Kingdom, Sweden, and the Soviet Union. A number have been translated into German, Swedish, and Russian.

Customer Reviews
8 reviews
8 reviews
  • Allan Strader Barrister & Solicitor Toronto Canada

    I just finished reading "Murder Never Sleeps", on the weekend at the college. It is a real page-turner. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Allan Strader
    Barrister and Solicitor

  • "Murder Never Sleeps" excellent quarantine reading during the pandemic

    I had no choice when I was told I was quarantined for two-full weeks but to accept it but it wasn't easy. However, I am an avid reader and I made it passable by reading some new books which were on my night table to read. One was "Murder Never Sleeps" by Douglas Hall. It is the second in "The Paul West Mystery Series", "Murder Never Kills," which I enjoyed thoroughly, was the first and this was no disappointment. Hall has created an intriguing character. Paul West. He is believable and like us all has his warts but he also has his strengths which makes him all the more fascinating. The plot, as they say, is a page-turner. I pride myself on trying to guess the ending of a murder mystery but Hall really threw me for a loop with this one. It is beyond belief. I look forward to the next instalment in the series which I shall read, and I know, with great enjoyment, hopefully with no pandemic to contend with.

    Elizabeth Bartlett
    Durham Region Ontario

  • John B. Canada

    I came across "Murder Can Kill" Douglas Hall's first in his Paul West Mystery series by accident when I was browsing. It was the jacket that caught my eye and I was captivated by the story Hall wrote for the protagonist private investigator Paul West. As a retired law enforcement officer with over 30 years of service, I am not easily pleased or satisfied with some author's descriptions of police procedure. However, Hall did not disappoint with his descriptions of interrogation, mind-numbing stakeouts and brilliant undercover. They were most believable for their accuracy. His plot was a page-turner so I had to read his next "Murder Never Sleeps" and once e again I was captivated with an imaginary but real-life plot. I was witness to many believable and unbelievable endings to an investigation but never one to come close to what Hall gives the reader in "Murder Never Sleeps" I understand the next volume in the on-going series "Murder Unchained" will be out in the not too distant future and that Hall is well on his way to completing a forth "Murder In Time." The jacket compliments "Murder Can Kill" and it will be interesting to see if the jacket for "Murder Unchained" follows in design. May Hall keep bring back Paul West for years to come with believable adventures for what I am sure is a growing readership.

    John B Ontario Canada

  • Theresa Whitt Vancouver British Columbia

    I just finished "Murder Never Sleeps"- I really enjoyed it! I read it over a weekend and loved the story and character development. It was really entertaining. It was the second in the Paul West Mystery Series (Murder Can Kill was the first) that I have read and I'm looking forward to the next one.
    Theresa Witt Vancouver British Columbia.

  • Written for The Metroland Region Media Group.and excerpt

    Writing never sleeps for 91-year-old mystery writer Douglas Hall. "Murder Never Sleeps" is his 26th published novel that is part of the Paul West mystery series. The author told me he never faces a writer's block. It is not a hard chore and it is nothing I struggle at. It's also thanks to his wife Joyce (88) who has edited every published book he has written. He wrote a special dedication for her in "Murder Never Sleeps".
    In his new book, Victor Madison demands Paul West find his daughter, Cindy, who had been missing for more than two years. Police Inspector. Charlie King, West's former partner, was the lead detective on Cindy's case which went cold and has been given permission to work on it with West.
    Hall's ideas come from various pieces. I've met a lot of people, I've seen a lot of situations, especially when I was broadcasting and travelling so much," says Hall
    Hall was a TV and radio personality for more than 30 years including a host of The Doug Hall Show and Bestsellers. His far-reaching career also included being senior press officers for IBM, screenwriter and executive producer for a number of television musical biographies.
    Hall wrote his first article for Canadian High News in Grade 10 when he interviewed students about punishment at home. "I was hooked when I got my first byline.".
    He wrote his first novel "The Brittle Thread" in 1868 and he is currently writing the fourth Paul West mystery and has three more plots to dip into.
    "I'm at that point in my career and everything elsewhere it is not an ego trip. It's a satisfying trip for me to be able to do it."
    As the fresh ideas flow so will his writing
    "If that ever stops, I'll stop, " Hall said.

    Kirsten Calis Reporter with Metroland Media Group

  • Jean T. Durham Region Ontario

    High on my reading list is a continuing series. If the main protagonist grabs my interest like Private Investigator Paul West did in "Murder Can Kill" I wanted to read what he was up to in the next book in the mystery series. I was delighted when "Murder Never Sleeps" was released and couldn't wait to curl up with it and was not disappointed. If anything it was more gripping than "Murder Can Kill," if that was possible. Like any good read there is a decided letdown when it is over but I was relieved to read that the third book in the Paul West Mystery Series" Murder Unchained" is due to be released shortly. I can hardly wait.
    Jean T.

  • J. Treblecock, Pickering Ontario

    Some people are addicted to a series and read every book by the author. I am a loyal reader of Douglas Hall's many books (he has written over 25) and especially his mystery titles which are remarkable for the characters he creates and the unexpected he puts into his plots. When I read in a newspaper review of one of his books that he had launched a mystery series and his first title, in what was to be known as the "Paul West Mystery Series was "Murder Can Kill" I immediately purchased a copy. It was money well spent as I couldn't put it down and eagerly looked forward to his next one "Murder Never Sleeps." What a delight. I was completely blown away with the climax to a beautifully written and researched effort which kept me glued to each page until the last one. As I mentioned the climax and ending came as a complete surprise. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the third title "Murder Unchained." and know I won't be disappointed.

    J. Treblecock, Canada

  • Johnathan Mulvihill

    Excerpt from an article published in The Renfrew Mercury for Inside Ottawa Valley

    Hall says he gets his inspiration for his plots and characters from various places. Paul West is loosely based upon his son-in-law a retired police sergeant.
    "Many times, Hall says, "they've come from experiences that were triggered by the good and ugly people I have known or from observations of how people relate to various situations. All my characters are composites of people I liked and didn't like . I take the best and worst of them and let my imagination run wild."

    Over the years and following his retirement after a 32 year broadcasting career he has formulated a timetable for writing each of his books. Hall has 28 books in print including three Paul West :Murder Can Kill; Murder Never Sleeps; Murder Unchained and a fourth, Murder In Time close to submitting. He writes every day, and his wife Joyce, a retired registered nurse edits something she has done since the first book The Brittle Thread in 1968.
    Murder Unchained is scheduled for release March/April 2021.
    Hall has no plans on leaving the mystery genre anytime soon

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