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By: Lynn Attwood

Not Abandoned Nor Forgotten

Pages: 128 Ratings: 5.0
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Have you ever wondered if God exists?Has your faith been tested to the limit?Is your life in a dark place despite having faith?Are you waiting for answers to prayers?Are you feeling hopeless, still waiting for breakthrough?Lynn Attwood engages readers through vivid descriptions of rejection, health issues, torment and despair, thwarted opportunities and a life which, essentially, was a ‘wilderness experience’ in which she felt separated from God and isolated from others. Quotations from Scripture illustrate God’s promises and intentions and how these were evident in her life during specific time periods and critical events.Having faith, Lynn persevered in prayer, holding fast to God’s promises. Eventually her life changed. Hope is stirred as Lynn’s experiences unfold to reveal the heart of God.If you want your life to change, draw inspiration from how God turned Lynn’s life around.Through her own story, Lynn illustrates the truth of God’s word in her life – His love, faithfulness, goodness and mercy.

Lynn Attwood was seven years old when she gave her life to Jesus, during a school lesson where the teacher was explaining to the class about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Soon afterwards, she began her prayer life. When Lynn received a Gideon Bible at secondary school, she frequently read the Word and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit learnt to stand on the promises of God’s truth. Lynn’s church life began in her thirties.
Lynn is a busy retiree, who has experience of working within both private and public sector organisations. She started out as a secretary and ultimately became an educationalist and professional manager.
Lynn’s close family comprises her husband, two daughters, son-in-law and three grandchildren.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Austin Maple

    Honest, Readable, Inspiring. Surveys tell us that most people believe in God and this very open and courageous little book sets out what life can be like if God’s promises are taken seriously. There is no substitute for personal testimony because it cannot be easily ignored. The writer has simply declared, “This is what happened; I know because I was there.” So much is written about famous heroes or notorious criminals made good and we can easily dismiss such works as, “Not relevant to me” but it is the ordinariness of this book wherein lies its power. This really is for anyone and it is not about a fairy-tale God who waves a magic wand and makes all well. This portrays real life with all its struggles and it shows the God who is with us through it all and who brings us out the other side. Once I began reading I wanted to discover what happened next.

  • Sue Hardy

    I loved reading this book it was so heartfelt even the first couple of pages engaged me. Lynn Attwood pours out her heart in each pages of the book, the rejection, health issues, pain & suffering she endured during her younger years & growing up, being bullied was part of every day life for her, it even continued in her work place.. She writes and describes things so very well, that she engages you into her world and you feel her struggles and her faith that keeps her alive. God was watching over her, with Jesus being her closest friend. Lynn held onto her faith, the faith that is tiny as a mustard seed but can say to a mountain be uprooted and it will move. Great reading it certainly has made a difference to me.

  • Nan Rowland

    Everyday people around the world think about God, whether it is in troubled times, in business deals or health challenges there will always be someone saying " My God" or wondering what if....
    Imagine God as a main character in a book that you cannot put down then this book will be a blessing to read.
    This book walks us through Lynn’s life from a young girl to present times and is carefully interwoven around scriptures that inspired and encouraged Lynn through the situations that are described.
    As a new Christian I found the book to be a real eye opener and faith builder to encourage the reader to dig deeper into their hearts and minds to search for God and get to know His plans and purposes in their life.

  • Wendy Prior

    This book is very well written, thoughtful and readable. The author’s faith and integrity shine through it and it is a great encouragement to learn how, in spite of many difficulties over the years, her trust in God’s care and guidance has grown. It would have been so easy to abandon faith in God in her circumstances, but her determination to trust and to apply Christian principles to her life and actions are inspiring.

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