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By: Carol L. Steingreaber

Pants Optional

Pages: 231 Ratings: 5.0
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In her first autobiography, Pants Optional, Carol Steingreaber offers a hilarious, unrestricted insight into her life thus far in Iowa, USA. The reader is a privileged passenger on the journey, invited to buckle up for the ride as Carol shares her stories from the sibling squabbles of childhood, to cringeworthy dating moments, marriage and various stages of motherhood. Her witty, 'tell-it-straight' writing style conjures up images you can't help but laugh at, often accompanied by photos that speak a thousand (usually comical) words.Carol provides the reader with 'UNconventional tips' on a whole range of themes such as housework and hospitals, illness and injury, Nerf guns and nudity, safety concerns and sex, friendship, faith and a great many more. Moments of eternal embarrassment are interspersed with flashes of comic/parenting genius, and every reader will find a nugget or three (or twenty!) to inspire them. A cracking read, and highly recommended.

Carol Lynne Steingreaber graduated in 1987 from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa with double majors in English Literature and Writing, proclaiming on her graduation day, "Someday I will write a book!"
She worked as a correspondent, proofreader and copywriter in Des Moines, Iowa for six years before starting her tenure as a stay-at-home mom.
Exhausted from answering the question, "What do you do all day?" (Here's another unconventional tip: never ask a stay-at-home mom or dad this question unless you want to get cold-cocked), she took a position as a marketing director in 2006. In 2013, Carol started writing her first humorous autobiography, Pants Optional, in her free time.
She currently resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband, Paul.

Customer Reviews
23 reviews
23 reviews
  • Paula A. Howard

    Pants Optional.....OMG.... Totally hilarious! As a mother and a Nana, I can totally relate to many of the situations in this book. I only wish I had her quick wit.

    Carol gives the reader snippets of her life from childhood to raising her own kids. Her life in Iowa seems like it was full of laughs and love. I can't imagine anyone reading Pants Optional and not being able to relate some something in the book. Personally, I don't think I will every be able to have another mammogram again and be able to keep a straight face. Mooning her son..... brilliant.

    I actually own not only the physical book but also the e-book version. This is my 2nd time reading it and laughed as much this time as I did the 1st time. This will be a great book to read when you just need a good laugh to lift the spirits. The style of writing, the wit and humor reminds me of Erma Bombeck. I am old enough to have read and loved her writing.

    I can't wait until I get to met Carol at a book signing later this month. I feel like I know her from her book and from her sister, Brenda.

    Sit back, read and enjoy the laughter.

  • Jill Reicks

    I was going to just read a little of PANTS OPTIONAL day-by-day. However, the content and humor totally captured me that I finished the book in a day. The author's transparency compelled me to feel understood, to find comraderie in the message, underlining themes that built their family structure. The message was outrageous and compelling and gave me insights that helped me to take life a little less seriously and celebrate love and the beautiful diversity of humanity. I will be investing in copies for friends--especially young parents who need to realize that life shouldn't always be so serious and we all get a chance to be our best, unique selves....excuses are not necessary.

  • Cassandra

    I know Carol through tip #26 page 185. My aunt Cathy.
    I will be completely honest here and tell you that I envy the kind of friendship they have.
    These women are not only beautiful, honest, true women who'd do anything for their families but do so without expecting anything in return. That's real. That's why you should read this. That's why we should all take a minute and count our blessings. I know I have. Thank you Mrs. S.

  • Tome

    Hysterically funny, lighthearted and so enjoyable! Nothing is too private to talk about...nothing!! Each chapter contains at least one true to life story to go along with the "unconventional tip" title of that chapter. I admire Carol's unabashed honesty and ability to convey what became a hilarious visual in my mind with these stories. I am never going to be able to wait in that little mammogram dressing room again without thinking of unconventional tip #18! Curl up on the sofa with a nice glass of wine and enjoy this book!

  • Lori Hempstead

    Being from Iowa, I loved all the references. So true! My kids are still young, 4 and 6. I needed a good reminder not to take life so seriously. But seriously, her mantra may have to get painted on my family picture wall.

  • Teacher Mom

    I knew this author before kids and admired her writing then. It is great to see her capture family life so eloquently and humorously in this great book at such a good price!

  • Liz Griffin

    What a great read! I enjoyed every page! I laughed hysterically on more than one occasion! Good stuff!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Pam Block

    I thought I knew your family, but this shines a whole new light. Your stories are amazing. I hope to meet my best friend's sister in person one day. Thanks for sharing!

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