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By: Lyall De’Viana


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A brother and a sister embark on a terrifying journey of not only studying the most notorious mass murderers in history, but meeting those murderers face to face with the use of advanced technology.It was a chance to meet some of the people who made history, albeit in a bad way. What made them tick? For Kate, it was a chance to help further study the human race, a part of her earthly mission.Kate has a few secrets up her sleeve, and Blake is none the wiser. The most sinister secret is that Kate is not of this world.With this in mind, Kate and Blake recruit experts in their respective fields. Having built a high-tech lab with simulation and time travel technology, they begin to collect subjects (Kate, using her powers, does the actual collection. Everybody else thinks it is the technology that is in use). Some of the most notorious serial killers, dictators, facilitators and perpetrators of mass murders/genocides are assembled in the lab.Kate finds herself having to keep her true identity and her powers a secret, even from Blake. Blake finds himself getting sucked into the dark world of serial killing. He begins to imitate none other than Jack the Ripper, but doesn’t tell anyone, including his sister. One of the experiments on the subjects goes wrong as a mystery woman breaks into the lab and brutally murders two of the subjects.

My name is Lyall De’Viana and as you will know from my home page, I am a first-time author and a big believer in everyone there is a story. I was born in Kenya in the ’60s and as a family, we moved here to the UK for a better life. I am single and have never been married. I have lived most of my life in London and think this is one of the most wonderful cities in the world.

I often spend nights out in London. Anything to do with music is a passion. I love it and need it for inspiration.

I have spent most of my life involved in sports until a very unfortunate event that changed my life completely. I have been trying to turn that event into a positive and found that it evoked dreams and nightmares. Well, that’s what I thought at the time. There were scenes playing out in my mind that I had no idea about at the time. My first fiction novel Philanthropist, was a huge surprise if only I knew.

It took a few years of writing down on scrap bits of paper the scenes that ran into the hundreds, some of which I ended up losing. LOL, I received some help for my trauma and began to realise that my mind was being held back by someone. After recognising this, I managed to overcome the difficulties and embarked on what my scraps of paper were.

Lo and behold, the beginning of a novel. I would one day love to share not just my story but my early drafts of what Philanthropist looked like. I was laughable but kept on growing. I can say that I am a very sociable person. A responsible human being that has developed a great sense of humour to life’s little cheats and looked forward enthusiastically ‘As a student of life’ to the challenging times ahead.

My friends say that I am a very funny interesting man with a good sense of humour. I love to meet new people who are happy to meet me. Friendship is such an important human value; we often discover new things about each other and my skills continue to develop in so many ways.

The current goal I’m striving for is to complete my next novel Life Trader. Sure I’ve had many bad experiences, like most people. I have just found a way and am grateful to be able to grow and become the person that my beautiful girlfriend Caroline wanted me to be R.I.P.

Love to hear from any of my readers that would like to know more and discuss my journey. Hopefully, I can help a few other people along my way.

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