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Radish and Stubs-bookcover

By: Elizabeth Spry

Radish and Stubs

Pages: 28 Ratings: 5.0
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A rabbit named Radish befriends Stubs, a hedgehog hurt by a lawnmower. As they bond, they quickly become the best of friends, and soon there is no end to the adventures they can have together! But first, a picnic takes a turn when an unwanted guest drops in.

Elizabeth has always loved to laugh and share that laughter with others. Elizabeth has wanted to tell the story of Radish and Stubs for a long time and, at last, here it is! We all need friends like Radish and Stubs. Share in their adventures. Have fun along the way!

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  • Booksforbadal

    "Radish and Stubs" by Elizabeth Spry is a heartwarming tale that unfolds in the charming world of friendship and adventure. The story introduces readers to Radish, an endearing rabbit, who forms an unlikely bond with Stubs, a hedgehog left injured by a lawnmower. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of their friendship, quickly establishing them as the best of friends with a shared love for adventure.

    Spry's storytelling invites readers into a world where the possibilities of friendship are boundless. Radish and Stubs embark on a series of adventures together, creating a delightful narrative that unfolds like a patchwork of joyous moments. The simplicity of the characters and their camaraderie adds a touch of innocence to the storytelling, making it an engaging read for both young and adult audiences.

    The mention of a picnic sets the stage for an unexpected twist, adding an element of anticipation to the story. The introduction of an unwanted guest injects a dose of humor and surprise, turning a simple outing into an adventure filled with delightful chaos.

    "Radish and Stubs" is not just a story; it's an exploration of the magic that happens when unlikely friendships blossom. Spry's tale celebrates the joy of companionship and the resilience of friendship in the face of unexpected challenges. With its whimsical characters and lighthearted plot, this book is sure to captivate readers with its charm and leave them with a warm feeling of delight.

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