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Repressed Feelings of Self-Portrayal-bookcover

By: Samantha Bagnato

Repressed Feelings of Self-Portrayal

Pages: 164 Ratings: 5.0
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Have you ever felt emotions or desires, especially those that could be considered by some as shameful or depressing?
We are all a product of our environment and we each repress feelings in hope that they will subside.
As humans, we have all experienced these feelings at one time or another.
This book is a collection of poetry surrounding the topics of Self – betrayal, confession, self-discovery, rejection and love.

Growing up in Australia, Samantha Bagnato found her passion and at a young age began writing poetry that not only contained things she’d experienced but also the experiences she witnessed from those around her.
Included in this book is a selection of pieces that will both shock and amaze readers of all ages. Samantha’s ability to turn everyday poetry into stories that will tantalize and amaze her readers is a gift within itself.

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Alanah Washington

    Given as as gift to me for my bridal shower. Who could of imagined that the best and worst of ourselves could be so beautifully remastered into pages of one shared book. I have since searched for another from this author, but it has lead me to ask if anyone knows how to get my hands on more from this outstanding author

  • Steven Smith

    What an amazing cover!
    Although this is the first book for author Samantha Bagnato it is defiantly a show stopper.
    The title alone is masterful and on the cover where do I start with the cover, The angelic girl is inviting and intriguing and the colours of blue, brown, and green bring an earthy feel that is almost calming.
    This book contains everyday issues that we as humans are faced-daily with and it is written in a way that draws you as a reader into each poetic story piece.
    What an outstanding debut for author Samantha Bagnato!

  • Amelia Jones

    Author Samantha Bagnato cleverly demonstrates the different mindsets of humans, and these are great examples that make for a fascinating read. If you want to learn more about yourself and those around you, this book will be a great investment to your home library or tea table.

  • Raven Atkinson

    This book made me think of many of us in the world repressed feelings of self portrayal is such a well written book.
    Couldn't put it down, from start to finish it was deep and perfectly raw!

  • Orlando Gilmore

    Never a dull moment in this book, I didn't want to put it down nor end!
    So beautifully written and inspiring. I don't like poetry yet found this book to be less like poetry and more like therapy for the heart.
    Well done to first time writer Samantha Bagnato, i only help you have the right people behind you to help you help millions.

  • Elizabeth Kotvas

    Hands down one of the most vivid and raw books I have read. The author manages to capture you within the first poem, and from then on you are embarked on a journey filled with themes of love, betrayal, identity, self-discovery, family and confession.
    I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy deep and meaningful reads that prompts the audience to think and decifer their own meanings of a text, as the author writes in such a way that touches the heart of the many different people who will read Repressed Feelings of Seld-Portrayal.

  • Abigail Wang

    Surprising, emotional and life changing come to mind when i think of the book Repressed Feelings of Self-Portrayal. This book was written with clear understanding of not just the challenges we each face in life but also the importance of knowing the truth of ourselves. As author Samantha Bagnato writes
    “The misjudgments of others don’t define the truth of yourself, they simply only show you the truth of others.” Samantha obviously is not just an amazing poet and story teller but from reading her book i can clearly see her as a world wide speaker and influencer. Cant wait to read the next book!!

  • User loves books

    A very beautiful and well written collection of poems.
    I cant explain how much feelings and emotions are expressed just by the words...
    My fav. Poems were "Cliff's moment" In which I think that a girl was trying to commit suicide but couldn't. Tho I liked "Be satisfied too.
    I don't usually read poems but this book was worth my time.

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