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Revelations From Spirit: Over-coming Grief-bookcover

By: Margaret Brand

Revelations From Spirit: Over-coming Grief

Pages: 230 Ratings: 4.9
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Who hasn’t wondered if there is life after death? Margaret discovers there is, following the sudden unexplained death of her 22-year-old son Marcus, who died in his sleep.

Margaret couldn’t accept there was no medical explanation and went searching for an answer. Her quest ultimately leads her to spiritual contact Mediumship. Then, not only does she discover why her son died, but also received amazing revelations about his life in the spirit realms.

Revelations from Spirit: Over-coming Grief provides insight, solace, and hope to those affected by grief and sorrow that death invariably leaves behind. It is a heartfelt story of loss and discovery, revealing death is not the end, but a new beginning.

Margaret was raised in the Exclusive Brethren, leaving the strict sect when she was twenty-three to marry her husband, Robert. They live in Hobart, Tasmania, with their French Bulldog, Oscar.

She is a humanitarian, who has sponsored third world children through World Vision, and Watoto, an organization who helps women and children in Uganda and South Sudan. She has also contributed to numerous charities over the years.

Margaret operated her own tourist accommodation business from their property at Acton Park, on the outskirts of Hobart for two decades before retiring. It didn’t take long before she took up volunteering at a private hospital, working in the Endoscopy department and the Cardiac Centre for almost five years.

Her unfinished memoir was playing heavily on her mind, so she gave up volunteering to focus on completing Revelations from Spirt: Over -coming-Grief.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews

    Margaret's life spirals into a nightmare of loss, questioning, and longing, after the sudden death of her 22-year-old son. At times it seems that her grief might totally overwhelm her but her determination to understand as much as she can about her son's passing keeps her afloat and, eventually, leads her to a place of acceptance and peace.

    In an honest and raw narrative, Margaret offers her journey through grief as a possible roadmap for others who have lost a loved one. Her path keeps her tethered to her family and her life while using mediums to glimpse her son's new existence in the spirit realm. She knows that everybody's grieving process is different but, by showing how someone laid so low can get through devastating grief, she inspires her readers to keep moving forward to find their own place of acceptance and peace.

    Laura Rittenhouse

  • Carol Lay

    An honest and compassionate account of a mother's journey through grief. I can only imagine how difficult losing a child under any circumstances would be, but when a death is unexplainable it surely adds another layer of torture to the complexities of grieving. I found Margaret's road to healing full of beauty and grace. It was at times a heartbreaking read, but I think it will be of immense comfort to anyone facing a similar journey. Thank you for sharing your story Margaret.

  • Richard Bedford

    This is an amazing book. Hard to read the first chapter because the emotion and trauma are palpable, but after that, it morphs into an incredible series of events that combine to make a story that is believable, despite my skepticism. Once I was into it, I couldn't put it down. I have experienced a loss that nearly destroyed me, but this book has given me a new insight that will carry me through. It's a must-read, and a tribute to the author who laid her soul bear in its delivery.

  • Phillip Lovell MA USA

    You can't say you enjoy a book like this, but you can say it is a remarkable experience to read it. As a believer in "The Afterlife", I found Margaret Brand's transition from a grieving parent to a mother at peace to be awe-inspiring, raising my belief that my own life journey will continue when I depart this world.

  • Susan Wilson

    It was a privilege to be taken on the journey of loss and grief in Margaret’s well-written and insightful book. Her personal account was extremely brave, heartbreaking at times, truthful and raw. It was the shocking end of her son’s life that drove her further and further into acceptance of death and into the spirit world.

    On reflection, I felt it was allowing me to also view differently and mourn the loss of my mother who tragically died 20 days before my youngest child was born. For over 31 years I've held on so tightly to that grief that it’s impacted my life incredibly. Sections of the book washed a calming peace over me.

    Margaret’s quest for her son's spirit and answers was not only relentless but a remarkable story. I have gained so much from reading Revelations From Spirit. A life-changing read for all.

  • Heather Shearer

    This is a heartfelt true story of loss, love, hope, and the search for an answer by a Mother after the devastating sudden, and unexpected loss of her darling young Son.
    Margaret is a friend of mine and an amazing woman. Her story and experiences as shared in this book will give hope to everyone who has lost someone they love. Her search and refusal to give up until she got an answer finally found peace in her heart.
    I am beyond proud of her and her ability to write her first-ever book, to be published, and to aim to help others through her personal journey and learning.
    Although this will have been such a difficult task to accomplish, Margaret has written this book so well and I hope it finds its way to so many seeking an answer too. I think it's worth reading this book and maybe passing it on to anyone who may need it. Love and light.

  • Sandra Carver

    I read Magaret’s book with a very open mind. I found the book tragic, sad, inspirational and finally hopeful. Magaret’s writing made me feel like I was on the journey with her, I could not put the book down. I like many have lost loved ones, my niece was 17 when she passed away. Magaret’s book gives you hope and peace when sometimes we question afterlife. Definitely a must read, thank you Magaret.

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