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Sam and the Open Road-bookcover

By: Michael John Pole

Sam and the Open Road

Pages: 202 Ratings: 5.0
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Life’s journey is challenging with many pathways and obstacles. One hurdle is overcome only for another to appear with further burdens already flourishing on the horizon. Thoughts, experiences, and reflections are shared in depth by Michael on his unusual 7000km odyssey as he spends time with Jesus and his earthly four-footed companion Sam.

The journey in the book is intentional, deliberate in thought, and conclusive. From the heart of scriptures and history come parables, to provoke and challenge, unpacking the what, why and how of Jesus alongside the many facets of life. As the frailty of past heroes and mankind are explored, failure in your circumstances is elevated to a place of your subsequent success through the power and presence of Christ. 

As a book, it has genuine relevance in today’s current economic and worldview circumstances being rooted in the foundations of nation and alter and the alter upon which our lives should be founded.

Michael John Pole was born in Auckland, New Zealand. On completion of his college education, he worked briefly for the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, then travelled overseas. During this period, his interest in photography developed.

After his overseas sojourn, he worked in a creative capacity for an advertising agency on his return. Eventually, he would establish his own commercial/advertising photography company which he ran for thirty years. Clients included major brands and agencies such as BMW, Toyota, Kodak, Saatchi, JWT, banks, insurance and airline companies. Work commitments took him to Europe, USA, Asia and the Pacific. After the author and work colleagues survived a light plane crash in December 1997, he came to know Christ. In later years, he was invited to serve on the board of the Ruel Foundation which he and his wife, Linda, actively support. In 2011, the family moved (with Sam) to Queensland, Australia, where they still reside today.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Ron Maynr

    I read Mike's book before it went to print. I was asked to give an honest appraisal of it.
    Mike is a deep thinker on spiritual matters, and I love the way he weaves deep thoughts through the narrative, bringing experiences with his beloved dog Sam into the narrative.
    I highly recommend this very readable, challenging, and encouraging book.

  • Philip Marshall

    Such an insightful book that Mike has written, it puts everything into perspective and answers many questions on the purpose of our existence here on planet earth., what’s it all about, why do we have to suffer, what happens to us upon death, how do we have a relationship with Jesus. This book certainly challenged me in many ways & I recommend it to those looking to find the answers on the meaning of our existence here & what the future is when we die

  • Johnny Gilchrist

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Full of wisdom from Michael’s life and keen observations about how we live today. A beautiful book for those who like to reflect on the world we live in today.

  • Kevin Christie

    This book presents an interesting contrast, weaving together various parables using the reflections of his dog and himself as he casually explores life's profound questions. His genuine and captivating connection with Jesus shines through. The outcome is an arsenal of ideas that offer valuable guidance and provoke thought as you reflect on your own journey through the world we inhabit. Reading this book is a rewarding experience, as Mike encourages you to contemplate your own path ahead.

  • Debbie Ybanez

    Just as Sam was your faithful companion throughout, you have a way of writing that makes you feel you are right there, making the journey with you. Your raw and authentic honesty gives hope that there is more to this life and there is hope, and that hope is Jesus.
    I can’t wait to bless people with this book for Christmas.
    Thank you for writing this. It will bless and encourage many.

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