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Surviving a Psychopathic Mother-bookcover

By: Hannah Haworth

Surviving a Psychopathic Mother

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Behind closed doors, my mother’s emotional, psychological, and physical abuse created a living nightmare that remained hidden from the world. Yet, to outsiders, she exuded charm and charisma, casting doubt upon any potential complaints that might arise from her own flesh and blood. Her well-practiced deception isolated me, stripping away my support system and leaving me to grapple with an agonizing emotional dilemma.

This book unveils the chilling methods psychopaths employ to trap their victims. With calculated precision, my mother engaged in a program of emotional seduction, luring me into a web of false affection—an insidious practice commonly referred to as ‘love-bombing’ in non-academic literature. Once she deemed me securely ensnared, she manipulated my circumstances, whether through marriage or financial dependency, severing my ties with family and friends, and leaving me utterly alone.

The most glaring symptom of my mother’s psychopathy was her pathological lying, followed by a complete absence of compassion, empathy, and love. Conscience eluded her, as guilt and remorse were foreign emotions that she skilfully evaded. Her mistakes became my burden, as she shifted blame onto others, leaving me to question my own worth and desperate to regain the love I believed was once genuine.

As I recount my personal journey through the darkness of my mother’s psychopathy, I expose the intricate layers of her personality disorder. Rooted in paranoia, narcissism, and sadism, her cruelty knew no bounds. Surviving a Psychopathic Mother offers a beacon of hope to those who have endured similar torment. Through my raw and candid narrative, expert insights, and practical strategies, I guide fellow survivors on a path of healing and liberation. Discover how to reclaim your identity, rebuild your life, and break free from the suffocating grasp of a psychopathic mother.

Hannah Haworth was born in New Zealand in 1943 where she lived until 1966 when she moved to Australia. Her mother was a cruel and vindictive psychopath who divorced her father when Hannah was 9 months old. Like all psychopaths, Hannah’s mother engaged in a slanderous smear campaign, in relation to Hannah’s father, in order to justify her initiation of the divorce proceedings. This meant Hannah became the sole victim of her mother’s vindictive behaviour that was well hidden from public view. Hannah, therefore, had no viable support leaving her with only two life choices, to either sink or swim. Hannah chose to swim.

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