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Tales Of The Hove Amber Cup-bookcover

By: Inge Veecock

Tales Of The Hove Amber Cup

Pages: 228 Ratings: 5.0
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During roadworks in Hove, a Bronze Age tomb of exceptional size was unearthed. Inside was an oak tree coffin containing the skeleton of a tall male, and accoutrements showing him to have been of high social status. There was a bronze dagger, an axe and a whetstone. Resting on his breastbone he held a cup, shaped like a modern item of breakfast crockery but with a rounded base. It was made of Baltic amber. Who was this person? Why was the cup made of amber so dear to him? Amber, that offspring of sunshine and trees, has the Baltic Sea as a godmother. How did he come by it? Was he a trader? How far did he travel? Did he bring home new ideas together with exciting spices and artefacts no one there had seen before? All answers can only be speculative conjectures. The cup having been found in Hove does prove though, that Albion had contact with the Baltic Sea. Tales of the Hove Amber Cup is a celebration of this 3000-year-old British treasure.

Inge Veecock’s interest in social history and non-European cultures caused her to produce: Glimpses of Victorian British Guiana published in 2006 by Peacock Press Georgetown, Guyana. She taught German part-time for 23 years at the Ealing College of Higher Education. While there, she wrote German Through Accelerated Learning as co-author with Lisa Schlotmann and Ingrid Williams. This work was published in 1986 by Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd, second edition 1989 reprinted September 1989, March 1990, March 1992, May 1996.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Barbara Kittel

    Inge Veecock has taken a real event – the discovery of a Bronze Age tomb containing a coffin with the skeleton of a male holding a cup made of amber – and has woven around it the story of the life of a man, called Sail, who lived in Bronze Age Britain.

    To start with we learn about the way of life in the settlement where the protagonist’s family lived. Later, when grown up, Sail becomes a trader and travels around north-western Europe and the Mediterranean. The writer skilfully explores the different cultures and customs that Sail may have encountered during his travels. She imagines the contacts between the traders from Albion and the inhabitants in various different countries (among them the Baltic Sea area, Carthage, Egypt) and the difficulties they had communicating without a common language.

    I found Sail to be a very likable character who found great pleasure in exploring new countries and meeting their inhabitants.

    Last but not least, I learned about one of the most famous legends in Lithuania, that of Jurate (the goddess who lived under the Baltic Sea in an amber castle) and Kastytis (a young fisherman) with whom she fell in love.

    Overall I found the book very imaginative, interesting, and entertaining.

  • Shirley Anne Jaspert

    Inge Veecock has skillfully and imaginatively woven a series of interesting stories based on the finding of a Bronze Age coffin containing the skeleton of a male skeleton on whose breastbone rested an amber cup. He was obviously a wealthy person of importance and she has made of him a trader, travelling from England through the Mediterranean. Each story focuses on an aspect peculiar to life in the visited country during the period of the Bronze age in which Sail, her hero, lived.
    The origin and importance of the amber cup in Sail's life give the opportunity to learn the legend of Junate, the goddess of amber and supposedly his ancestor. The family life of the period is portrayed as having been similar to that of the present time and a reminder that human emotions and needs have probably been the same from the beginning of time, as well as social challenges which have existed throughout the ages.
    I can unreservedly recommend this book as being an excellent read.

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