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The Adventures of Gorg-bookcover

By: Julia Sawyer

The Adventures of Gorg

Pages: 48 Ratings: 5.0
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Gorg the caveboy is comfortable living with his family in the Stone Age – well, as comfortable as you can be when you have to watch out for Three-Toed Snarkles! His body and brain work really well to make sure he doesn’t get kicked out of his clan and to keep him out of danger. He is even the best burper for miles around! But one day, catastrophe strikes and Gorg finds himself in the busy 21st century! How is he going to cope in this new world? Will being able to whittle a spear help him when faced with a sleepover?

By reading this book, you will not only find out the answers to these questions but it will get you thinking about your own “caveman brain”. Gorg’s adventures in the modern world might even give you some helpful hints about how to manage sad memories, the Internet and missing out on party invites. There is also some stuff for the brains of parents!

Julia Sawyer is a clinical psychologist who has worked with children and adolescents for eighteen years.

She has a real passion for teaching young people about how their brains work and that we all have yucky thoughts and feelings from time to time.

When she’s not running therapy groups for young people or playing with her two children, she is surfing badly and doing embarrassing dance performances in public!

One of her caveperson’s favourite thoughts is, I look stupid.

Customer Reviews
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1 reviews
  • Julia Wilson

    The Adventures Of Gorg by Julia Sawyer is a powerful little book for the under tens to help them cope in the modern world.
    We learn that we all have the same primitive thinking – no one likes me; there’s danger; etc – and we have them same body responses – get ready to run etc. Our negative thoughts are not unique to us.
    Julia Sawyer shares coping mechanisms – think positive thoughts; share a cuddle blanket; etc. We learn that we are not alone and we are not unique.
    Julia Sawyer is a clinical psychologist who has written The Adventures Of Gorg to help children to identify and to deal with their thoughts.
    This is a book to be read with our children so that we can have discussions and answer their questions as we read.
    This is an excellent book to read with an anxious child, and also good for a more confident child as you never know when life will throw a curveball at you.
    The Adventures Of Gorg is full of sound advice for all.
    I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.

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