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The Everblue-bookcover

By: David Mar

The Everblue

Pages: 198 Ratings: 5.0
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The allure of the enigmatic myth of The Everblue beckons, promising untold magic and mysticism to those daring enough to embark on the quest. From the misty landscapes of Scotland to the razor’s edge of Japan, a journey unfolds, where precious pearls of wisdom and power lie scattered along the path of life and death. All the while, a haunting cult’s melodic influence weaves its intricate threads.

As the tangible Western world teeters on the brink of vanishing, expeditionists pursuing the Everblue find themselves thrust into an abyss of their deepest fears. In this labyrinthine adventure, Beatrice, a beacon of innocence and intelligence, stands at the crossroads of destiny. Chosen by the enigmatic cult, her role as the chosen one is fraught with peril.

Yet, the cult’s sinister designs extend beyond mere mysticism, as they covet Beatrice’s very womb to propagate their dark agenda. In a world where beauty and power collide, where the boundaries between myth and reality blur, The Everblue is a mesmerizing tale of innocence tested, alliances formed, and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

David Mar studied English and American literature before becoming a chronicler, writer and research psychologist. He’s a proud dad and a nature-lover. He has published poetry folios on various subjects ranging from isolation, grief and love to nature, spirituality and politics. His fiction work flirts with real life crimes, horror and the supernatural, where he celebrates the ordinary everyday lives that make the extraordinary possible. His recent work explores dystopia and gender identity.

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1 reviews
  • Lilly watfield

    I study Media and I found this book fantastic. A breathtaking fantasy with magical scenes and some really freaky ones too.

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