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The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake-bookcover

By: Kris Nedy

The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake

Pages: 202 Ratings: 4.8
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As a young girl from a quiet mountain village, Michaela dreams of becoming the most beautiful girl in the world. Then one day, a mysterious encounter at a secluded lake makes her dream come true, and her life transforms completely.

Before she knows it, Michaela is living a fairytale life in a royal castle, surrounded by riches, glamour and the attentions of an adoring public. But inside her, an evil stirs, brought to life by the deal she made at the lake. To redeem her soul, she needs the help of powerful beings, magical creatures, and a wise old witch. But the ultimate battle she must win is not only with the malevolent creature that dwells within her; it is with herself. 

Kris Nedy was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. After he completed an MA in archaeology and a three-year PhD program in classical archaeology, he immigrated to Canada, where he experienced all the typical struggles of immigrant life – from working as a dishwasher to becoming a computer technician with a college degree. His scientific mind, explorer’s heart, unabated curiosity, and interest in philosophy, history, religion, biology, and literature compelled him to start a new career as a fiction author. He lives in Montreal, Canada.

Customer Reviews
13 reviews
13 reviews
  • Mayred

    I enjoyed this book. I will be reading with my morning read aloud group. It's perfect! Middle school is hard to navigate, and this is a great starting point to discuss Michaela and what beauty is/isnt. We can also discuss the prophecies and warnings, she is given. I will definitely be sharing with other teachers, counselors, librarians, parents, and most importantly, students.

  • Jeni

    The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake is a creative mystical story about Michaela who desires beauty and power at any cost. A captivating tale for fantasy readers who enjoy themes of good and evil, right vs wrong and a plot with dramatic twist and turns uniquely set in a magical world!

  • Fred

    Within the woven whispers of Kris Nedy's "The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake," a tale dances delicately on the edge of dreams, where magic drips like dew and darkness creeps like ivy. Here, Nedy architects a domain where the fantastical is the looking glass for our essence, echoing our silent pleas against the majestic conflict of illumination and shade. It's a narrative that plunges into the chasm of spellbinding allure, at moments losing its bearings in the labyrinth it has spun, yet perpetually ablaze with the prospect of awakening. Through Michaela's eyes, we are invited to gaze upon a universe where the celestial and the infernal are but two sides of the same coin, spinning endlessly in the hands of destiny.

  • Daniel Williams

    In her imaginative middle-grade fantasy “The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake,” author Kris Nedy spirits readers away to a magical realm where dreams and darkness intertwine. When young villager Michaela trades her soul for beauty and riches, she must fight to reclaim her spirit from the malevolent forces she’s unleashed. Nedy builds an enchanting world blending fairy tale whimsy with philosophical depth as Michaela journeys through ethereal castles, aided by witches and sprites. While the intriguing premise surrounding vanity’s corrupting influence proves thought-provoking, the pacing bogs down at times when the plotting wanders. Nonetheless, vivid passages like Michaela’s entrancing vision of the divine showcase Nedy’s creativity and eye for wonder. Younger readers may lose the thread during dense spiritual interludes, yet the buildup to the climactic inner battle delivers a payoff worth the meandering path. With relatable themes of friendship and redemption underlining the fantasy, Nedy spins an uplifting tale proving dreams powered by goodness can prevail over nightmares. Whisking its heroine through grief and hope, “The Enchanted Lake” weaves magic around life’s essential truths.

  • Christine

    This is a story that left me enchanted, beautifully told tale about good and evil. Spiritual and magical. Loved it.

  • aaron l smith

    This was an interesting fairy tale about good and evil and the consequences of choices. I thoroughly enjoyed this page-turner!

  • Maggie Hood-Nugent

    I have been looking for a book/storyline to get into quickly, and I was very surprised by this little gem. The Fairy of the Enchanted Lake got me hooked at the book's preface, (which never happens). The author was attentive to detail and could flush out the beautiful world where the main character wanted to achieve her dreams. I really enjoyed how the author weaved the tale of both wanting your desires and the consequences that could go along with those desires if the character acted a certain way. Very good job!

  • Adam Voegtli

    an interesting tale filled with unexpected twists and turns. It has some well developed characters that will intrigue and delight the reader.

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