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The Figment Wars: Search for the Caretaker-bookcover

By: David R. Lord

The Figment Wars: Search for the Caretaker

Pages: 212 Ratings: 5.0
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Thomas and Isaac Llewellyn are having a terrible first day back at school and they haven’t even had their first lesson!

A dangerous enemy has resurfaced. They are miles away from their cousin, Emily, the only person who will believe them. They are cut off from their allies in the Realm of Imagination. Can they stop Torvik on their own? Who is it that conspires against them from behind the scenes?

Thomas, Emily and Isaac may be the only humans to ever have visited the Realm of Imagination, but they are not the only ones who know about it.

David lives in South Gloucestershire with his partner. He enjoys acting and cosplaying, as well as writing. The Figment Wars: Search for the Caretaker is his second book.

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1 reviews
  • Melissa Espenschied

    The Figment Wars: Search for the Caretaker by David R. Lord is the second book but clearly it is not intended to be last of the Figment Wars series. Old friends are reunited and familiar foes are faced alongside some new ones in this twisty, imaginative story. While it is not completely required I highly recommend reading The Figment Wars: Through the Portal before this one.

    In the previous book Thomas, Isaac, and Emily defeated Torvik in the Realm of Imagination and watched him disappear into the Void, or so they thought. After returning home from their family vacation Thomas and Isaac get ready for the start of their school year and are introduced to their new headteacher Mr. Newman. To their surprise, the headteacher is someone they have already met and they quickly become concerned about his plans for the school. Thomas and Isaac decide that trying to find The Caretaker is probably their best bet and turn to the internet for information.

    This brings them to the attention of The Society whose ultimate goal is to kill The Caretaker and destroy the Realm of Imagination in order to become extremely powerful and take over the world. This threat greatly trumps that of Mr. Newman, especially once one member of The Society, Magnus, gets a hold of an artifact giving his imagination full power in the Realm of Reality. Thomas and Isaac, along with Emily and Clark team up with Mr. Newman to put an end to the new threat and send the artifact back to the Realm of Imagination. This all goes according to plan until Magnus refuses to let go of the artifact.

    What I liked best was that the old saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” plays a big role as two unlikely groups team-up. It is great to see a change of heart in some of the characters as the come to recognize new facts about their own existence. It was also wonderful to see how the Realm of Imagination was created. I was disappointed to see Isaac being left out at the end of the book but I feel like he may play a bigger role than expected in the next one. I was also surprised at how quickly Thomas’s parents let Thomas and Emily go, but that is normally the case with this type of book.

    Just like the one before it this second Figment Wars book is geared towards the young adult age range. While this is such a broad group it is fitting as people of all ages will enjoy this book. I increased the rating of this book from the 3 out of 4 of its prequel to a rating of 5 out of 5. This book doesn't just take place in the same world(s) as the first one but directly continues after its end. The rules established in the first are also still followed even if it makes things difficult and inconvenient for some characters. I hope to have the chance to read book three.

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