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The Flared Black Skirt-bookcover

By: Mary Joseph

The Flared Black Skirt

Pages: 60 Ratings: 4.9
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In this insightful and thought-provoking selection of poems, the reader is taken on a journey through life and death, love and heartbreak, joy and hardship: in other words, human existence in its myriad aspects.
Written in deceptively simple language and often in the form of homilies and riddles, these poems cast the familiar in an unfamiliar light.
Skilfully employing repeating patterns, personification and metaphor, the author offers a compelling reflection on who we are and how we navigate the world around us.

Mary Joseph lives in London, England.
She shares her busy schedule with family and friends while working in the financial service of a private company, enjoys looking after her bunnies and being a musician.
She decided to write this book and share her passion with her readers.

Customer Reviews
17 reviews
17 reviews
  • Yvonne Pascalls

    I loved this book from the opening first page to the very last.
    I couldn’t put it down.
    We don’t talk enough about death.
    Most people don’t want to know what happens to our bodies when we die, somehow we have a fear of death.
    This story is told with a deep understanding and love of this very delicate subject whilst adding unexpected humour that unfolds in unexpected places.
    This book gives answers to questions that I never imagined but loved every gentle (or funny) explanation of the kind of care needed for every single family and their loved one.

    I recommend this book for all ages!

  • Connie

    I loved this book. I laughed and I cried. It was written with humour and also with compassion. The author has definitely given me an insight into an industry that at some stage in our lives, we will encounter. I hope she writes more books as I will definitely be reading them. I highly recommend this book

  • David

    What a good read. Finished it in 3 days and found the insight into the funeral industry fascinating. Having had some involvement in this industry I always took for granted the planning aspect of a funeral and never gave real credit for work to get it right on the day. I can relate to the characters and especially “Susan” who perhaps is the best funeral director I have ever met. The terrific first book, thank you.

  • Carol Howell

    I love it!
    Great story.
    Looking forward to a book 2 to continue this fabulous story!

  • Carol

    Loved this book from start to finish.
    Definitely an insight into the job of a funeral director!
    A bit of an eye-opener with the humour too.
    Got me in on the first page!

  • By Bronwyn

    Loved this easy beautiful read. The stress of a new job and the uniqueness of it comes through with compassion tears laughter and every other emotion we know. So many scary emotional moments were shared. A time in our lives we rarely want to think about but eventually have to. I wondered where we were going as we reached the last few chapters until I was wrapped in anguish with tears streaming down my face as sobs just come with raw emotion. What a strong incredible woman to cope with so much and be able to put it on paper. It brought back moments that I had tucked away Moments like this that you just coped with and we’re made to get on with life. It brought back something someone once said to me when I returned to work a week after my beautiful mum had died of cancer. This young thoughtless young woman who was trying to be nice asked me if “if I was over it yet”. Do you ever get over it? I don’t think so. Stories like this just bring it back and make you realise that life is so precious.
    So very talented with the ability to make life real. Congratulations I can’t wait to read about the next adventure or career change.

  • Going behind the scene - David

    A really good read that opens some of the doors of the funeral industry and the trials and tribulations of maintaining a high level of caring service. Easy to follow the path of a newbie to the job. Well done Ann- Louise! I enjoyed your book and found many situations to which I could relate.

  • Bernie

    Well, I could never have imagined all that you would have to learn and all that could go wrong in the world of funeral directors. Annie tells her story with respect and also astonishment at all she had to learn and encounter as she starts her new career. A terrific read which will keep you turning pages to hear the next story, to laugh, to cry and to discover what could possibly happen next.

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